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Cowboy Church Service brings music, meditation to draft horse event

Demonstration of old-time farming methods provides ideal backdrop for Cowboy Church Service

RAMA - “We are so blessed to be in this area with the beauty of the skies and the beauty of the land.” Those words from worship leader David Ogden of Buchanan opened the Cowboy Church Service at the PALS draft horse field days in Rama on September 5.

Providing sacred music for the service were: Eugene McKenzie (bass, vocals) and Marilyn Fredsberg (acoustic guitar, vocals) of Wynyard and Judy Johnson of Preeceville (vocals). They performed numerous traditional favourites, including: Wings of a Dove, Mansion Over The Hilltop and How Great Thou Art.

Other musicians who shared their talents during the weekend were: Elaine Head of Sturgis, Shelden Landstad of Rama, and Russ Baldwin of Yorkton.

In the meditation, Ogden reminded those in attendance, “how important it is to tune in to Jesus Christ.”

He shared his family history, how they moved from the U.S. to Alberta, and then to Saskatchewan. “I knew that God was inside of me,” he continued. “No matter what problems I faced, he wanted me to experience that, to survive and to bring my family back together after we had been apart.

“The kingdom of God is in me and it is in you, if you accept it, no matter what problems you face. All you need to know is that Jesus Christ came into this world over 2,000 years ago and taught that God is part of creation. He is in me and He is in you, as we are part of creation. His love is stronger than any force on this planet and that is the level of love that you are created with, with the beauty of this scenery and these lovely animals around us.”

Ogden then turned and faced the horses, adding, “I know more than anything else that Jesus Christ is here.”