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Canora fielding two junior girls’ volleyball teams this season

Volleyball is back and Canora girls are making their presence known

CANORA - After a lengthy break due to the pandemic, Canora Composite School has seen a significant jump in interest in the junior girls’ volleyball program. A total of 25 players have joined the Cougars this year, according to Lindsey Ostafie, coach.

“We had enough students to make a Grade 7 and Grade 8/9 team,” said Ostafie. “After a year of COVID restrictions and no extracurricular activities for students, I didn't want to make any cuts.  If they are not able to play, they can't learn the skills. Being on a team is a great experience!  Students are physically active; they meet new people, and it is good for their mental health.”

The two Canora teams took to the court against the visiting Kamsack Spartans on October 5. In the first two sets, the Canora Black Team (Grade 7) put up a good fight, but went down to defeat twice.

Then the Canora Red Team (Grade 8/9) took over against Kamsack, and won three straight sets with a strong effort. Ostafie said that coaching the large group of players this season has been a group effort.  

“I have four senior girls: Robin Skurat, Kailey Sleeva, Meadow Ostafie and Zoe Thomas, who volunteer their time to help me run practices - we use both the gym and the auditorium.  The older girls take half the team in one gym and I take the other half in the other gym and we work on our skill-building drills. I have even had parents come out to help us!”

In addition to Kamsack, Canora has also played against Preeceville and Norquay, and attended a tournament in Sturgis. 

“It has been a great season. The players are so excited to be out on the court playing volleyball again!” concluded Ostafie.