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Ron Kalmakoff performs at National Doukhobor Museum Heritage Day

Community members gathered on July 16 for Doukhobor Museum Heritage Day in Veregin.

VEREGIN - On July 16, a gathering of community members took place at the Doukhobor Museum Heritage Day in Veregin. The event commenced with a "Molenya," a prayer service that set the spiritual tone for the day's festivities. Following this, attendees were eagerly drawn to a delectable "Blini" Brunch, where they savored the delectable flavours of traditional Eastern European pancakes, commonly known as “Blini” or as “Blins”.

As the day progressed, a captivating array of performances entertained the audience. A splendid choir filled the air with harmonious melodies. Additionally, esteemed artists such as Ron Kalmakoff and Warner Kabatoff graced the stage, effortlessly showcasing their exceptional talents and mesmerizing the spectators with their music.

Adding to the mirth and amusement of the event was the delightful presence of "Katrina" and “Kozzin,” a vibrant and comical character duo.

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