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U7 Jamboree provides growth opportunity for young hockey players

The young stars of the future from Canora, Preeceville and Norquay rotated back and forth between skill development sessions and actual games.

CANORA - Approximately 30-35 young U7 hockey players from Canora, Preeceville and Norquay gathered at the Canora Civic Centre for the Hockey Sask U7 Cross Ice Jamboree on Jan. 13.

The players were divided into four groups for the day’s activities, each group with their own jersey colour: blue, green, red and yellow.

At regular intervals, the groups rotated between skill sessions led by instructors, and actual games.

Canora U7 Manager Richele Mydonick said the day went smoothly.

“The benefits of the jamboree is for all kids at different levels to be able to attend and gain experience in skills training, to simply improve with the help of Sask Hockey expert volunteers. They learn what hockey is about and also how to improve through different drills.”

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