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Area residents … meet Kamsack’s new doctor

The Fereydonyan family said they are already feeling at home
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Kamsack’s newest doctor, Naderafshar Fereydonyan, has moved to the area with his spouse, Narges and their13-year-old son, Nirvana.

KAMSACK - My name is Naderafshar Fereydonyan – which is obviously very difficult for most people to pronounce and remember. You can call me Nader or simply Dr. N.

I am happy and excited to be a new member of Kamsack community and ready to help people to have a healthier life.

I was born and raised in a small city in Iran with language and religious diversity. I believe that one of the reasons that I became a physician was my mother’s serious illness during my childhood. I studied medicine at Tehran University of Medical Science, which is the most prestigious medical school in Iran – and very difficult to enter. The duration of medical school in Iran is seven years. After graduation I worked as a general practitioner for a few years, followed by a five-year residency training in Neurosurgery.

I have traveled to 25 countries and Canada was the only place that I felt at home – even as a tourist – because of its diversity, welcoming, kind and tolerant people…and its safety and security. Thus, we moved to Canada in June 2019 as skilled worker (physician). We landed in Toronto and I moved here from Toronto.

My wife’s name is Narges, and we have a 13-year-old son, Nirvana. They are jubilant about living in Canada and they consider Canada as their home. In my spare time, I play chess online (mostly bullet which is ultrarapid chess). Also, I read books and my areas of interest are philosophy and social history. I am planning to join the gym and start to work out regularly.

I have a few friends who entered practice in Canada through SIPPA program and they were happy about their situation. This encouraged me to follow their path and come to Saskatchewan to practise medicine here.

Before moving to Canada, I had 20 years of experience in practice as a general practitioner and as a neurosurgeon, and spinal surgeon. I think this background enables me to help people with different medical conditions, especially back and neck conditions and people who need minor surgical procedures because of my surgical skills.

Finally, everything has been excellent so far for me here. Of course, there are some challenges, but those challenges are a part of life and an opportunity for learning and personal growth. I am grateful to the Kamsack community for accepting me, embracing me, and providing unbelievable support.


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