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Artist completes mural for Norquay United Church Centennial

The mural took about two days to finish.
Tara Cormier, left, from Nova Scotia, seen here with Zelda Dahlin, finished painting a mural at the Norquay United Church as part of the church’s centennial celebration.

NORQUAY — Tara Cormier from Nova Scotia completed a mural at Norquay United Church, just in time for the church’s centennial celebratory strawberry tea and bake sale.

The event took place June 12.

Cormier explained, “I think there was a group of children from Sunday school that were working on it. But then I believe the lady that was working on it had passed away. And then it just kind of laid in wait.”

Cormier, who was visiting from Nova Scotia, spent a considerable amount of time finishing the mural.

“It took about two days to finish, five hours the first day and seven hours the second day. I actually was visiting from Nova Scotia, and just happened to be here this week,” she said.

When asked by The Kamsack Times how long she had been painting, Cormier said “I’ve probably been painting since I was four years old. But professionally, just in the last year,” she shared.

The completion of the mural coincided with the church’s centennial strawberry tea and bake sale, where a variety of lunch foods, including sandwiches and soups, were served to attendees.