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Canora-Pelly NDP selects Wynn Fedorchuk as new candidate

Wynn Fedorchuk will be the new NDP candidate for Canora-Pelly in the next provincial election, replacing Mike Woollard.

NORQUAY — The Saskatchewan NDP has chosen Wynn Fedorchuk as its candidate for the Canora-Pelly constituency in the upcoming provincial election, following the resignation of former nominee Mike Woollard for personal reasons.

"I am so honoured to be the candidate here in Canora-Pelly," said Fedorchuk during a nomination meeting in Norquay on March 27. "There is so much promise here in Saskatchewan. Yet, for too long the Sask. Party has taken our rural communities for granted. Now is the time for a government that will take the necessary steps to ensure a brighter future for all families across this beautiful province."

Fedorchuk, a mental health worker and community leader, highlighted his dedication to addressing issues such as the cost of living, healthcare, and education funding.

"After 17 years of the Sask Party government, the public is starting to feel the genuine effects of this tired and out-of-touch government across the province," he remarked.

Saskatchewan NDP Leader Carla Beck expressed confidence in Fedorchuk's ability to represent Canora-Pelly effectively.

"I know that Wynn truly understands the struggles faced here in our rural communities," she said. "Given his passion and dedication to his communities, I know that Canora-Pelly will be very well served with Wynn as their MLA."

Fedorchuk emphasized his commitment to serving his constituents with empathy and problem-solving skills.

"As an MLA, I will continue to be a caring empathetic guide for people I represent just as I have throughout my career," he said at the nomination at the Norquay Nice Centre.

He concluded his acceptance speech by thanking his supporters and encouraging them to spread the NDP's message of change.

"I truly believe that Saskatchewan can become a province that leads not just in economic growth but in social policy, public health, and environmental sustainability," Fedorchuk remarked. "Saskatchewan already has the resources, and all we need is the right leadership."

The Canora-Pelly NDP had their first nomination meeting in Sturgis on Aug. 23, 2023. Fedorchuk and Woollard ran to be the NDP's candidate in the next provincial election, with Woollard receiving the nod from local party members.

With Fedorchuk's nomination, the Saskatchewan NDP said it aims to present a strong platform addressing the needs of rural Saskatchewan and advocating for progressive policies in the upcoming election.

Fedorchuk will face off against the Saskatchewan Party's Sean Wilson in the election.