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Country Star Trevor Panczak plays in Kamsack

Trevor Panczak, an award-winning country musician, visited Kamsack for a concert in the Kamsack Playhouse Theatre.

KAMSACK — Trevor Panczak, an award-winning country musician and native of southern Alberta, visited Kamsack for concert in the Kamsack Playhouse Theatre. He is celebrated for his humour, smooth vocals, charming stage presence, and energetic live performances. His professionalism, community-minded approach, and approachability have made him a sought-after performer. Notably, he has received 18 nominations from Country Music Alberta (CMA) and has produced five top 50 Canadian country hits, including a top 40 hit. Panczak's contributions extend beyond the stage, as his involvement in charity events has helped raise over $800,000 in the last decade for various charitable causes.

Panczak, during his performance on the 15th of November, told stories from his childhood and years on the road as a performer, one of them was how he first discovered the guitar. “Well, I'll take you back to when I first fell in love with the guitar. My dad had a guitar in the corner of his office and I thought I was a pretty good guitar player when I was four or five years old because I could walk up to my dad's guitar and play the first four notes on my favourite song with my right hand. I'd have to take the guitar to my dad because you have to use your left hand to play the rest of it. So if we take it from the top it goes like this.” Panczak said, and then played Ghost Riders in the Sky by Johnny Cash.

The talents of Panczak and his band were front and centre as the band played a mix of original songs, and covers, and even paid tribute to legendary country figures such as Johnny Cash, creating an entertaining and memorable experience for the audience.

Jack Koreluik, a member of the Arts Council, shared details about three upcoming shows. The next show is scheduled for Jan. 9 with Jake Vaadeland and the Sturgeon River Boys, followed by another on March 22 with comedian Dean Jenkinson.