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Duck Mtn. ATV & Sled Repair opens at Duck Mountain Motel

The local business is expanding with a number of new services
KAMSACK - It was nearly 30 years ago that April MacDonald and Jordan Galbiati were attending elementary school together in Regina. Although life took them in much different directions, it was ultimately Facebook that would connect them once again – and the two arranged to meet up in Kelowna, B.C. while April was out visiting her sister. Sparks flew. Eventually, Galbiati made the move to Saskatchewan to join MacDonald and support her in an investment in the Duck Mountain Motel.

Now as partners in both life and business, the pair said they have been inseparable ever since.

“We are both entrepreneurs at heart,” explained MacDonald. “Not a day goes by that we aren’t discussing our next business venture. We take pride in everything we do, and we make a great team.”

Although she was raised in Regina, MacDonald said some of most cherished childhood memories come from the summers she spent visiting her grandparents in Runnymede.

“It was so much fun to come out to the country,” recalled MacDonald. “I was always drawn to nature and wildlife. I would spend hours exploring and collecting frogs, lizards, and snakes.”

When she became a single mom in her twenties, MacDonald said she made the decision to move to the Kamsack area to be close to her extended family – a move that would also help her save considerably more money. She began working from home, doing books for a local business. Eventually, she would put five years into working at the Kamsack Co-op grocery store. All the while, MacDonald’s entrepreneurial spirit would spin dreams of business ideas that she believed would help bolster her new hometown.

Galbiati explained that he grew up working on small engines and getting under the hood of all different types of vehicles from a young age. Early on, he developed a genuine passion for mechanical work and seemed to have an innate “ability to fix things.”

Although he worked as a concrete finisher by trade for many years, friends and family would often bring projects to him that had been through other mechanical shops and written off as ‘unfixable.’ With dogged determination and what some have described as a sixth sense, Galbiati would repeatedly apply himself – and ultimately succeed – in restoring vehicles that were at risk of being given up on forever.

Stepping into his new life in Kamsack, Galbiati said he is now ready to turn his passion into a career. This fall saw the launch of his brand new business – Duck Mtn ATV and Sled Repair. The business is located on the property of the Duck Mountain Motel and aims to service the repair and maintenance needs of tourists and locals alike.

Galbiati explained that a further aspect of his business is to extend his skills in researching items that are typically challenging to find.

“Another one of my unique skills is in searching for parts – anywhere in the world. The sky is the limit. Whether it’s for vehicles, recreation, vintage cars, or household appliances…I’m fairly confident I can find it.”

Area residents may not be aware that the Duck Mountain Motel is home to 10 fully-serviced campsites (which can be rented short-term or for an entire season), RV rentals, and an in-house laundromat. This past summer, the local motel added kayak rentals.

By summer of 2022, the business is set to expand by adding three mini cabins with kitchenettes, as well as a commercial kitchen to offer food to guests.

“One of the biggest complaints we hear from our guests is that there is no place to get breakfast in town before 8 a.m.,” explained MacDonald. “We’re working on the commercial kitchen now, and we’ve purchased a hearth oven to make foods like artisan breads and pizza.”

MacDonald and Galbiati said they are intent on building relationships and proving that their family-owned and run business will provide quality service, while expanding on new ventures that will benefit the community.

With any spare time they have, the couple sets out quading, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, and hiking on the many trails in the area, and they have considered offering guided tours in the future.

“We love being in nature,” shared MacDonald. “Life is too short not to take time and enjoy it.”

When asked if the pandemic has challenged the running of the motel, MacDonald replied: “Well, nothing has changed since before COVID. We have always bleached and steam-cleaned after each guest. We are a very clean motel and always have been. Cleanliness for the next guest is our utmost importance.”