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Fireworks to get more bang for the buck

Exciting summer ahead for Kamsack residents according to town office

KAMSACK - Residents of Kamsack can look forward to an array of summer activities and events, as announced by Mayor Nancy Brunt and Administrator Barry Hvidston in a recent interview with the Kamsack Times.

The town is gearing up for a bike rodeo on May 13 at Victoria School, aimed at promoting bike safety among youth. Mayor Brunt emphasized the importance of instilling safety habits early, stating, “It will be teaching them bike safety, encouraging them to wear their helmets encouraging parents to buy helmets. So it's just a lot of bike safety rules teaching kids to be safe when they're out on the roads. Follow the traffic. Follow the traffic rules. Don’t ride right down the middle of the road. Kids like to zoom around. And bikes are coming out full force now that the streets are clear. We haven't had one for a while so it's a good time to do it again.”

Additionally, plans for the upcoming Carnival in June are underway, promising fun-filled entertainment for all ages. Administrator  Hvidston mentioned that the Carnival in June will “likely not” have clowns.

Highlighting the summer celebrations, Canada Day promises an impressive fireworks display. Mayor Brunt added that, “It’ll be a bigger display, better display and we’re getting more bang for our buck. So fireworks should be pretty good this year.”