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Kamsack gardeners place a concrete bench at urban orchard

The bench cost a total of $1,400, funded by money raised by the Kamsack and District Horticulture Association, the Town of Kamsack and SaskLotteries.
Kamsack urban orchard bench
At the new concrete bench placed at Kamsack’s urban orchard last month were Betty Dix, a member of the Kamsack Horticulture Association that spearheaded the project, and her grandchild Grayson Dix.

KAMSACK — Kamsack’s gardeners are largely responsible for the new concrete bench that was placed at the community’s urban orchard last month.

The bench was ordered from and manufactured by Yorkton Concrete, said Betty Dix, a member of the Kamsack and District Horticulture Association’s committee responsible for the bench’s purchase and installation.

It is placed at the eastern edge of the orchard along East Avenue.

The bench cost a total of $1,400, Dix said, adding that helping with the project was the Town of Kamsack and SaskLotteries contributed, but the bulk of the cost was from funds raised by the horticulture group.

“We still want to get a sign made to acknowledge the sponsors,” she said, explaining that because it might be difficult to obtain a sign to adhere to the concrete, a separate, standalone sign might be best.

“Now that this project has been completed, the committee is interested in hearing from community members with ideas as to what other garden-oriented project might be undertaken.

Persons with ideas are asked to contact Dix or other members of the horticulture association.

Near the bench is a sign, donated by “Kamsack Horticulture” welcoming persons to the “Kamsack Wildlife Orchard,” which was an urban wildlife preservation project undertaken by the Kamsack branch of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation.

“This orchard, containing various berry trees and shrubs, was planted for the enjoyment of all,” the sign reads. “The idea was to provide an area for residents, birds, insects and wildlife to co-exist within an urban setting.

“Feel free to enjoy what’s here by picking berries, bird watching, taking pictures, or just simply enjoying nature at its finest.”

The orchard directory lists 28 rows of trees and shrubs which include: chokecherry, buffalo berry, sea buckthorn, Hawthorn/Siberian crabapple, Mongolian cherry, wild plum, pincherry, highbush cranberry, Nanking cherry/sour cherry, black currant and gooseberry.

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