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Kamsack RCMP Activity Report: Cadet class, gas dash, bear crash

The Kamsack RCMP responded to 35 calls from April 10 to April 15. This included three animal calls, two Mental Health related calls, three disturbing the peace calls, five 911 Act calls, a suspicious person, two theft-related calls as well as a handful of other occurrences.
Dispatched to the scene was the RCMP's Emergency Response Team (ERT) from Edmonton, the Police Dog Services, as well as the RCMP Air Services. 

Bear sighting

Kamsack RCMP members received a call about a black bear on Cote First Nation. Members contacted SERM to get involved while they made patrols to attempt to locate the bear. The bear was later seen running away behind some of the houses into the wooded area.

Kamsack Air Cadets

Kamsack RCMP members Cst. Wellington and Cst. Holhoyi attended KCI to help the Air Cadets with their drill practice. Although the formations and commands are slightly different than those of the RCMP, members were able to help Cadets iron out any issues, and quickly noticed improvements. Cst. Holhoyi awarded push-ups to those who marched without straight arms as Cst. Wellington insured all Cadets spoke loudly and clearly. Cst. Wellington and Cst. Holhoyi will be attending KCI for the next inspection to insure the Cadets have their uniforms and boots up to standard.

Gas and Dash

Kamsack RCMP members received a call of a “gas and dash” at the Co-op gas station. Members attended and viewed the video surveillance. The individuals were located and informed members that they would pay the amount owed. Kamsack RCMP later received a call stating that the bill was paid.

911 calls

Kamsack RCMP members received an abandoned 911 call from a land location. Members attended the land location and received news that another call came in with wind that was marked to a similar location. There was no one around and anyone spoken to by Kamsack members had not called the police. Kamsack RCMP was then advised of recent prank calls that occurred in the last few days which could have been related. Please do not prank call 911. This is for emergencies only. If we are attending a prank call to make sure that someone is OK, something else could be happening that we may not be able to attend right away. Individuals caught prank calling 911 will be charged under the 911 Act.