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Kamsack RCMP: Better to pull over & snooze than go in the ditch

Also in the last week: driver collides with deer, impaired driver arrested, driver disobeys stop sign.
Kamsack RCMP
After a few incidents in the last week of people falling asleep behind the wheel and ending up in a ditch, Kamsack RCMP are asking sleepy drivers to find a place to take a snooze rather than continue on.

KAMSACK — Kamsack RCMP responded to two occurrences in the last week of people falling asleep behind the wheel and ending up in a ditch somewhere.  Lucky, in these cases no one was seriously injured.

If you are driving for a long period of time and notice that you’re getting tired, do not continue to drive. Find a place to stop and rest. It is not worth it at the end of the day. You’ll either end up hurting yourself or someone else on the road. Trying to drive those last few kilometres and then you end up in a ditch does not accomplish anything.


Return of the deer

Kamsack RCMP responded to a single vehicle collision where the driver hit a deer on Highway 49. The airbags deployed and the vehicle was pretty banged up, but luckily, the driver was OK.


Impaired driving

Kamsack RCMP received a call of a female driving in Kamsack. The female then came to a stop and passed out in the driveway. When police arrived, the female was found on the ground intoxicated with car keys in hand. She was then arrested and charged with impaired driving.


Disobeying a stop sign

A male was driving in Kamsack where he failed to stop at a stop sign. Kamsack RCMP was there at the time and pulled the male over. He only received a warning.

Stop signs are placed where they are for a reason. It’s not an option or a choice if you want to stop, or drive through, whether or not you see any vehicles around. What if you continue on through and a child is running by or the driver of another vehicle is not paying attention? Following traffic rules and regulations does not take up much of your time or stop you from living your life. Comply with said regulations and you won’t receive unwanted tickets.


Local stats

Kamsack RCMP responded to 70 calls from June 19 to June 26. This included five false alarms, six Mental Health Act related calls, eight mischief files, two assault files, four theft related files, two incidents of break-and-enter, as well as a handful of other occurrences.