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Kamsack residents thanked by Ukrainian Canadian Congress

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress is thanking residents of Kamsack for their support of an effort to raise money for Ukrainian refugee relief.
Sherry Guenther Ukraine Bracelets
In May, Sherry Guenther of Kamsack decided to create a custom-designed a yellow silicone bracelet with the words “Slava Ukraine” meaning “Glory to Ukraine” printed in blue to raise money for Ukrainian refugee relief. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress has thanked Guenther and the community for their support.

KAMSACK — Kamsack district residents, particularly those who donated money for Ukrainian refugee relief, are being thanked by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

In May, Sherry Guenther of Kamsack, whose heritage is Ukrainian, decided to create a custom-designed a yellow silicone bracelet with the words “Slava Ukraine” meaning “Glory to Ukraine” printed in blue. Yellow and blue are the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

“As far as I knew, there were no Ukraine fundraising initiatives going on in Kamsack at the time,” Guenther said, explaining that she had ordered 500 of the bracelets, which were available to donors, with a minimum donation of $10 each, at several outlets in Kamsack and Madge Lake.

Last week, after having sent the money raised with the “sale” of the bracelets, Guenther received a letter from Taras (Terry) Kuzyk, president of the Regina branch of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

“I thank you for your donation of $4,416.90,” Kuzyk said, speaking on behalf of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Regina branch.

“Your support goes a long way in providing assistance for displaced Ukrainians coming to Regina,” Kuzyk said.

“We have faced a number of challenges,” he said. “With the help of our provincial government, we have been finding places for people to live. Through our donation centre, which is stocked by generous people like you, we have provided a place where displaced Ukrainian can come and help themselves to furniture, toiletries and household items. They are overwhelmed by the support they are receiving.

“The major item needed is mattresses,” he said. “It’s far too expensive for an organization to purchase new mattresses and box springs. We have found an affordable solution. With your donated dollars, we have purchased foam mattresses known as a bed in a box. These mattresses are clean and easy to store and transport.

“These are the types of solutions we are finding with your financial support,” Kuzyk said. “Once again, I can’t thank you enough. You’ve truly made a difference.

“Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the heroes.”

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