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Kamsack: Some "wicked delicious" bacon on the menu

Sibi Arts Collective to revitalize community with cultural markets.
From left, Amber Talbot (Roll), Kiisihs Shingoose, and Denby Shingoose got together with the Kamsack Times for an interview at the location of their future marketplace.

KAMSACK — To breathe new life into the town of Kamsack, Amber Talbot (Roll) and Denby Shingoose have embarked on an inspiring venture with the launch of Sibi Arts Collective. Not new to marketplaces with a history of selling homemade soap bars, their initiative aims to utilize an empty property in town for various markets and to foster artistic opportunities within the community.

"We want to bring people together through art and culture," Talbot explained during a recent interview. "We’d like to get more Indigenous especially because there's not too much representation of them in the markets around here. We'd like to cover everybody."

The Collective's vision extends beyond mere market stalls. "We're planning music events, workshops, and cultural teachings," Shingoose added. "It's about building bridges between different communities and fostering understanding."

The duo has ambitious plans for the future. "We’d like to secure a building," Shingoose revealed. "But for now, we're focusing on organizing outdoor markets with a diverse range of vendors, including food and musicians."

With a tentative start date of June 2, the Sibi Arts Collective hopes to kick off their community events soon. "We have got a couple of food vendors already interested. My brother's going to be doing some food." Talbot said. Shingoose added, “Yeah, he makes his own bacon and it's wicked delicious. Best I've ever had. And I've eaten a lot of bacon.”

“We have some spots available for the independent consultants for companies. We’re going to allow a few spots for them but our focus is homemade. With Duck Mountain expanding, and tourist traffic over there, we want to try to help revitalize the town a bit. Bring some light onto the arts in town,” Talbot said.