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Kamsack Swimming Pool closes after a successful 2022 season

During the season, an average of 40 to 50 people, which is the maximum capacity, used the pool, resulting in a season total of 350 people.
Kamsack Pool Summer End 2022
The 2022 season at the Kamsack Swimming Pool, with a daily usage of from 40 to 50 persons, was said to have been a successful season. This is a photo of a typical summer day at the pool.

KAMSACK — The Kamsack Swimming Pool closed for the season on Aug. 31, which was about 77 days since it opened in mid-June.

Staffing concerns prevented the pool from opening at the beginning of June, which is the preferred start of the season, said Stephen Dutcheshen, recreation director. Hopefully next year it will open at the beginning of the month so that the schools will be better able to make use of the facility for swimming lessons.

During the season, an average of 40 to 50 persons, which is the maximum capacity, used the pool, resulting in a season total of 350 persons, Dutcheshen said.

Six employees, all junior lifeguards, have been or are being certified as lifeguards and instructors and Sheri Nikiforoff, the pool manager, has identified 10 potential junior staff members who will agree to qualify as lifeguards next year.

Among special events at the pool this summer was a water polo training clinic held at the end of July by representatives of Water Polo Saskatchewan, which was successful, he said. Sixty people, ranging from beginner to high levels of expertise, took the two-week swimming lessons that were offered in mid-July.

The added swim features at the pool, including the water spray, slides and basketball net, were very popular with family groups and the pool’s zero-entry is a huge bonus, he said, adding that new training supplies, including rescue tubes, which are a type of floatation device, have been ordered.

New to the pool this summer is a lifeguard chair with umbrella for a cost of about $1,000, and a remote-controlled pool vacuum that crawls along the bottom of the pool removing debris.

Dutcheshen said that within a couple weeks he will be applying sand and grass seed on worn areas around the pool in order to thicken up the lawn.

Because the pool liner does not allow the use of the three “tot docks” that had been used at the pool, they are being sold, he said. The devices, which allow children easier access to the water, or can be used by others to sit on while in the water, may be used in private pools. Persons interested may contact the Kamsack recreation office.