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Local artist combines creative expression and self-love in the name of healing

"The artist sees what others only catch a glimpse of." ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

NORQUAY - After years of learning – whether it was university, diplomas, or online courses, Darcilyn Johnson of Norquay has a plethora of education and information that she describes as “somewhat of a collection.”

The multifaceted artist and healer offers massage therapy, yoga, meditation, breath work, infant massage instruction, as well as artistic expression and art creation courses. As a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, Johnson continues to build on her skill set. She is currently enrolled in a holistic nutrition course, as well as an herbalist course to build on her existing practice in making lotions, perfume oils, tinctures, healing mists, and healing face creams.

“I used to think having all of these courses and education would allow me to teach others,

which is true, to a point. But in the end, I have found that I learn so much more from everyone else. I learn to teach, but ultimately I teach to learn.”

Johnson explained that after she became a mother, she was motivated to make more environmentally responsible choices. With an understanding that art supplies can be very toxic and wasteful, Johnson’s new creative approach has included “upcycling” vintage and thrift store items, while incorporating a variety of natural elements.

 “I love the idea that I can use art to create less waste and magnify more beauty in this world,” stated Johnson.

In addition to offering massage services out of her studio in downtown Norquay, Johnson is also employed with the Key First Nation. She was initially hired to provide massage therapy, but as the nation discovered the breadth of her skills, Johnson was promoted to the role of Health and Wellness Therapy Coordinator.

“I feel so honoured to work for the Key Nation,” explained Johnson. “The administration and members have made me feel so welcomed. I truly love working there. And, I believe that when you work from a place of passion, love will grow more and more. I am so impressed with the Key Nation for being so proactive and advanced with the planning of their health program. They are working very hard to make some impactful and positive changes to their community.”

Johnson explained that while she was growing up, other kids often made fun of her, calling her “a freak” or “a weirdo” on account of her unique hobbies and interests.

“I have now embraced my bizarre mindset,” said Johnson. “Love and kindness are my foundations. And in the end, I want people to remember me for how I made them feel. I aim to find ways of cultivating more love in this world. When someone has strong self-worth and more self-love, they can more easily love others. It all sounds simple and easy – but it’s not. With hard work, determination, and the right supports, I truly believe we can do it...because we can do hard things. You can react and act from a place of hate, or from a place of love.”

Johnson believes that the greatest form of healing can come from self-love in the form of taking care of our bodies, doing yoga, eating nourishing whole foods, and nurturing our minds with meditation and positive self-talk.

“We also need to take care of our spiritual health,” explained Johnson. “I believe that we all need a connection to something outside of ourselves. I love being in nature. I have always felt a connection to deeper meaning and a feeling of bliss when I am in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by earth – her beauty, and all the elements.”

Johnson hopes her healing modalities will help make clients feel so comfortable and accepted that the process will ignite an ability to start their own healing journey.

“A true healer doesn’t necessarily ‘heal’ a person per se,” explained Johnson. “Rather, they help connect that person to capabilities within themselves. Like the good witch in the Wizard of Oz says to Dorothy, ‘You’ve had it in you all along, dear.’”

To learn more about Darcilyn Johnson’s artwork, classes, or self-care services, she invites you to check out her Instagram page at: consciouscreationsbydarcilyn.