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Most Kamsack area RM incumbents returned to office unopposed

There is one election race in the RM of Cote, and one race in the RM of St. Phillips.
Voting box and election image
Of the five RMs in the Kamsack area, only two are having elections.

KAMSACK — Of the five rural municipalities in the Kamsack district, only two divisions in two of those RMs will require polls to determine who will represent those divisions as councillors, while all others, who are all incumbents, were elected by acclamation.

Terms of councillors of even-numbered divisions in RMs across Saskatchewan expire this year and nominations for candidates for those divisions were received by the RM returning officers on Oct. 5. Where only one candidate was nominated, he or she was declared elected by acclamation. Nominees had until 4 p.m. on Oct. 6 to withdraw their names if they wished.

Conrad Vogel, the incumbent Div. 6 councillor at the RM of St. Philips, is being opposed by Ron Sernowski, while Dale Schwartz, the incumbent Div. 4 councillor at the RM of Cote, is being opposed by Tanner Chutskoff.

Elected by acclamation for Div. 4 at the RM of St. Philips was Councillor Ron Sorrell. The RM has no Div. 2.

At the RM of Cote, incumbent councillors Vern Bowes of Div. 2 and Murray Horkoff, Div. 6, were elected by acclamation.

Incumbent councillors Kenneth Frampton of Div. 2, and Mark Maga of Div. 4 of the RM of Livingston were returned to office unopposed.

At the RM of Calder, incumbent councillors Dave Fyck of Div. 2 and Byron Petruk of Div. 6 were elected by acclamation. The RM has no Div. 4.

The three incumbent councillors of the RM of Clayton, Darin Jacquenart of Div. 2, Ron Perepeluk of Div. 4, and Lorne Ball of Div. 6, were returned to office unopposed.

Polling is to take place Nov. 9.