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New ultrasound machine enhances healthcare services in Kamsack

The introduction of a new ultrasound machine is a significant development in the Assiniboine Valley Medical Centre. Sri Prassana, the sonographer who recently joined the community, shed light on the importance of this addition.

KAMSACK — The introduction of a new ultrasound machine and bed is a significant development in the Assiniboine Valley Medical Centre. Sri Prassana an International physician who is challenging the Canadian medical licensing exam to practice in Saskatchewan, and provides ultrasound service at Wosler Diagnostics and now to the Kamsack community located at the Assiniboine Valley Medical Centre. Recently has joined the community, and shed light on the importance of this addition in providing timely and critical diagnostic services.

Sri, originally from Edmonton joined Wosler Diagnostics, and detailed the challenges faced in setting up the equipment and the crucial role it plays in emergency cases. The bed, sponsored by the Kamsack Hospital Auxiliary, was emphasized as a vital tool for immediate diagnostic decisions. Sri stressed the importance of having quick access to ultrasound services, citing instances where prompt scans were essential for physicians to make critical decisions, especially in emergency situations.

“Ultrasound service is really very important for the healthcare sector. This will aid emergency patients where you need an immediate ultrasound because it helps a physician to make a decision.”

The Kamsack Hospital Auxiliary's involvement in acquiring the ultrasound bed was praised, with residents contributing financially to make the purchase possible. The bed, which cost around $3,500, was secured through the collective efforts of the Kamsack Hospital Auxiliary, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing healthcare services locally.

The interview with The Kamsack Times touched upon the challenges faced by Sri upon moving to the area, highlighting the support received from the community in terms of housing and settling in. Despite being away from family, Sri expressed appreciation for the warmth and helpfulness of the community members.

The new ultrasound service provided by Wosler Diagnostics is expected to serve a diverse population in and around Kamsack, covering a broad spectrum of healthcare needs. The Kamsack Hospital Auxiliary expressed satisfaction in knowing that their efforts would have a positive impact on the health and well-being of their fellow residents. The group also mentioned that they are looking for more members.

As healthcare professionals work towards integrating ultrasound services into the Assiniboine Valley Medical Centre, there is optimism that this addition will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery in the community.