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Traveling blogger spotted in Good Spirit Country

Six months into his journey of touring the province to document amazing Saskatchewan stories, the 2021 Saskatchewanderer, Felipe Gomez did some bird watching, indulged in perogies and farmer's sausage, and toured Canora's Ukrainian Heritage Museum

CANORA - Approximately halfway through his year of exploring Saskatchewan, Felipe Gomez, the traveling content creator and official 2021 Saskatchewanderer has been spotted at a number of locations throughout Yorkton, Kamsack and Canora.

The roaming storyteller began his local adventure on the eastern edge of the province at Duck Mountain Provincial Park where he made a video of himself taking a few steps across the border into Manitoba, proclaiming he missed home, and promptly turning around with a sigh of relief that he was back in his beloved Saskatchewan.

Gomez pushed on to meet with a local wildlife specialist to go bird watching in the provincial park. The pair was soon on the hunt in search of swans to take photos of, but whether or not they found them remains a mystery. Gomez told The Kamsack Times he would soon be releasing a video of the quest that would reveal that answer.

The following day, Gomez and his beautiful travelling companion – a three-year-old Irish Setter named Fozzy, made their way via the official Saskatchewander vehicle to the town of Canora.

“It was a pleasure to meet Canora’s Babba,” reported Gomez, speaking of the Lesia statue of the Ukrainian woman that welcomes visitors on the town’s southern entrance. “I also tried some perogies and farmer’s sausage and was given a wonderful private tour of the Canora Ukrainian Heritage Museum.”

Gomez said his journey so far has included a great deal of beautiful scenery and awesome weather. An avid cyclist, Gomez travels with his bike on the back of his vehicle – which incidentally is decked out with branding and sponsor decals, making the wanderer easy to spot when passing through Saskatchewan communities.

“I love to cycle the trails in this part of the province,” said Gomez. “In the past, I cycled mostly through the back roads. Although I have been all over Saskatchewan, so, many of the places I have visited this year seem brand new to me, as I have only seen the back roads. I don’t even recognize many of the places I go. But, it’s been really great. In the last six months I have met so many interesting people – so many different backgrounds and cultures.”

Gomez explained that he chooses his stops based on a mix of both referrals from the public and his own personal interest.

“Sometimes I get suggestions through social media or email. My mission is to discover and share with those who might have the weekend off and are looking for something to do. With my research, I can suggest how they can use their time wisely and squeeze in as much fun as possible. It’s been a great summer and I can’t wait for the winter showcase.”

With his signature hat, broad smile, and an adventurous twinkle in his eye, the Chilean version of Indiana Jones said farewell to Canora and headed south toward his next stop – Good Spirit Lake.