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What to do when you just want things to be clean

The front store manager of the Kamsack IDA, Joe Levesque, is the owner and operator of a new cleaning business.

KAMSACK — In the town of Kamsack resides a man with a passion for cleanliness and a heart for community. Meet the front store manager of the local IDA, Joe Levesque, the owner and operator of his new cleaning business, Immaculate Carpet Cleaning. With 25 years of experience under his belt, Levesque has seen it all. Originally from the Regina area, and with roots in The Pas and Winnipeg, he is now bringing his expertise to Kamsack.

When asked about his history during an interview with the Kamsack Times on April 23, Levesque said “ I grew up in Winnipeg, and my dad worked for CN, and he got transferred to The Pas when I was 14. My dad got transferred back to Winnipeg when I was 17, and I opted to stay in The Pas and start my own business”

“I have run my own business for nearly 25 years. I lived here in Kamsack for a while, I believe it was since around 2010. While I was here I worked at the post office as well as operated my business. At that time I was offering stripping and waxing of floors, and janitorial, as well as carpet cleaning. But I have narrowed that down over the years to just carpet and window cleaning. I used to have contracts with Todd Chrysler and Chesters and ironically, at the drug store I now work at. We also offer residential house cleaning services, at a reasonable rate, as my wife is the best cleaner I have ever seen. Very meticulous!”

But what sets Levesque’s business apart is his innovative approach. He has been proudly using a UK product called Cimex, which has revolutionized the cleaning process and really takes a scientific approach to cleaning. It is a low moisture system, so a customer’s carpets are generally dry within a few hours. He takes great pride in the fact that the encapsulation process is second to none and the results are outstanding. Levesque said “I still use extraction as it is still necessary in some instances, but my system cleans carpets better and stays cleaner longer. I am able to get stains out that a lot of other companies have not been able to. Obviously, not all stains come out, but I am able to address most of them successfully.”

Beyond his entrepreneurial endeavours, Levesque is deeply involved in the community, and being the manager at the IDA has allowed him to take part in and donate to many community events. He has used this opportunity to donate to fundraisers such as Madge Lake’s ski hill, for the golf men’s and ladies’ nights since he’s an avid golf fan, and a mental health awareness fundraiser taking place at the OCC Hall later this month.

Levesque said “ I am a small-town guy and love the community I live in. I moved here last year and was married at the Ukrainian hall in December. I am blessed to have my son and daughter-in-law and my three grandboys living here as well. I have developed many wonderful friendships here, and I am looking forward to serving the community for years to come.”