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Dance Innovations holds season ending show

2022 production at the Anne Portnuff Theatre marked the 27th year in the community.

YORKTON - Dance Innovations held its annual season ending recital Saturday. 

The 2022 production at the Anne Portnuff Theatre marked the 27th year in the community.   

“We have been blessed to be a part of the performing arts community, introducing children to dance, to music, and to the beauty that both of these offer us in everyday life,” noted the program for the ‘What’s in Store’ production. “As we embarked on our year - there were many unknowns. We experienced a year of no performances in 2020, and a year of virtual performances in 2021.   

“Many wondered, is it true - will we see the stage?   

“A glimmer of hope became a spark, and here we are - excited to share your children’s talents, hard work, and excitement with you today. 

“Dance is disguised as steps, as movements to music, as an extra- curricular activity, as extra practicing, as more driving, but it is so much more. It is working together as a team, it is counting on others and being accountable, it is freedom in movement that can totally change your day, it is challenging oneself and each other to strive for excellence, and it is one of the most rewarding activities for our students and for our staff. Watching your children grow, watching your children’s team grow and spending all of this time with your child has been a gift.   

“We are so proud of each and every one of them.”  

Tammy Sullivan Kostersky was artistic director for the show, supported by instructors Rena Stamatinos, Courtney Senko, Tristan Watrych, Brielle Kitchen, Elyse Johnson and Marion McInnes. 

Dance will continue through summer with four camps being held during the month of July for ages 4-9 years. Registration for these is now open, with the early-bird deadline ending on June 15.  

The full term classes will begin again in September. This includes both dance classes for ages three and up and a Fine Arts Club program for preschoolers ages 2-4 years. Registration for Fine Arts Club is already open, and registration for dance classes opens June 15.