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Nature walk relays importance of looking and listening

Around 15 people showed up to participate.

YORKTON – Members of the Yellowhead Flyway Birding Trail Association held a nature walk in conjunction with an art installment at the Godfrey Dead Art Gallery on Saturday afternoon.

"We were approached by the Godfrey Dean and we're in collaboration with a show that's been going on at the art gallery," said Paula Maier, organizer of the event.

Around 15 people showed up to participate in the nature walk at Ravine Ecological Preserve, including artist Jeff Meldrum.

Meldrum's 'Art for Animals' is a "playful commentary on land and ecology," as noted in the exhibit's press release.

Meldrum has spent the past four years capturing images of wildlife alongside his artistic structures and his exhibit had been on display at the GDAG since March 5.

"Today [is Meldrum's] last day at the gallery," said Maier, adding, "we were approached to do a nature walk as part of that."

"We didn't know what to expect, so this is great," said Maier of the attendance for the event.

"This isn't a fast walk – we'll be wandering, we'll be looking – the idea is to look and to listen and to observe what's around you – leave your step counter at home," said Maier, noting the intention was to point out things that people might not otherwise recognize and to answer questions about those things.