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Entrepreneur camp held for youth

Last week, kids were given some lessons on how to become successful entrepreneurs.
Kailee Popowich (far left) with other members from the Visionary Hub, Mayor Hippsley, and the kids from the camp
Last week, kids were given some lessons on how to become successful entrepreneurs.
A total of five kids were given these lessons as part of a camp hosted by The Visionary Hub that saw the kids learn about business, marketing, finding their strengths, and even saw them raise money for a local charity by painting rocks.
Kailee Popowich, the marketing coordinator for The Visionary Hub said that they wanted to give kids a chance to learn about being an entrepreneur.
"I wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was eight years old, and I wish I had something like this. I was always like, I am going to go to university, I am going to go to business school, and then in high school, I took an entrepreneur class, and I was like, why did I have to wait until Grade 12 before I actually had to learn about business," she said. "If we can start now, then kids will be able to find their passions."
She said that over the five-day course, the kids were incredible.
"They did some business planning. One of the kids wants to own a food truck, another one wants to build aqua cars, one wants to make unicorns that you press the horn and gives you a message, and another one wants to make healthy bath bombs, and so they already have incredible business ideas."
It wasn't all about business, as they also taught the kids the importance of giving back to the community. The kids raised over $100 for Paws & Claws, with a fundraising BBQ being held in City Centre Park that ended the camp.
Popowhich added that they are looking into having more of these camps in the future.