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Melville artist's work hangs at Yorkton's Godfrey Dean Gallery

Rae’s works will be at the GDG through Oct. 22, and an Open House and Paint Night with the artist will be held Friday, Oct. 21, 7 p.m..
'Merely a Dream' by artist Faith Rae.

YORKTON - The work of Melville artist Faith Rae has her show Evolving at the Godfrey Dean Gallery.  

“The exhibition 'Evolving' displays artwork that uses unconventional media and painting that conceptually expresses my emotional turmoil and journey of self-acceptance,” Rae told Yorkton This Week. 

The diversity within the pieces have allowed Rae some freedom of expression as an artist. 

“Painting, mixed media and installation have allowed me to explore my evolving identity and metaphorically analyze its ‘layers’ through a variety of media,” said Rae.  

Rae said the show should have some visual interest for those attending the show. 

“The folks who are interested in viewing the exhibition can expect expressive large-scale work, audio recording, and new forms of media in the exhibition,” she said.

As might be expected some pieces stand out for the artist. 

“My favourite piece in the show is titled ‘Defeated’,” said Rae. “The artwork uses a painting technique called action painting. Action painting is the spontaneous application of paint/media being placed on a canvas. It is the only artwork in the exhibition that depicts portraiture. The artwork grasps the viewer's attention through the expressive emotion of the paint strokes and the side profile of my face.” 

As for inspiration Rae pointed to another artist for hers. 

“The art installation in my exhibition called ‘Anxiety Waterfall’ was inspired by artist Maggi Hambling,” said Rae. “Hambling created a series of wave paintings in 2009. I was most inspired by her painting titled ‘Wave crashing’. Her work inspired me to create a life-size waterfall made of canvas to convey how anxiety has affected my life in an overwhelming way.   

“Throughout the exhibition, my work was also inspired by artists in the Action Painting movement, formally known as Abstract Expressionists from the early 1950s.” 

Action Painting is the creative process that involves a dialogue between the artist and the canvas/surface, added Rae.  

“Each artist painted in their own way, developing individual, signature styles. Harold Rosenberg's emphasis on the process of painting allowed him to speak of the artists collectively in a way that highlighted their motivations instead of the overall aesthetic of their artworks. “ 

For Rae her interest in art started young. 

“Art has been an interest of mine for as long as I remember, as a child I enjoyed drawing and painting,” said Rae who was born in Brandon. Moving to Saskatchewan in 2008.  

“My family was an influence on my interest in art. My grandma was good at drawing and crocheting. My aunt Maria is a painter, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts.” 

Rae said her earliest art efforts were on her own, with training coming later. 

“I am a self-taught portrait artist,” she explained. “After high school, I became interested in advancing my knowledge and skills in the fine arts. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in May 2022 at Brandon University in Manitoba.” 

It is from her university classes the works at the Godfrey Dean Gallery are collected. 

In terms of creation, Rae likes to explore mediums. 

“My preferred art mediums are acrylic paint and mixed media,” she said.  

“Acrylic paint is my favourite type because it dries fast, allowing me to place multiple layers onto surfaces such as canvas.  

“My other favourite art medium is mixed media. Mixed media is a versatile medium in that there are no limits to the form of media I can use in my art.  

“In my show Evolving, I use unconventional media such as cement blocks, vintage binder holders, and my grandma’s tea towels.” 

Rae’s works will be at the GDG through Oct. 22, and an Open House and Paint Night with the artist will be held Friday, Oct. 21, 7 p.m..

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