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'YAC Presents' kicks off September 23 with ballet performance

Acts to perform at multiple venues in the city.
'Anne of Green Gables – The Ballet' performed by Canada's Ballet Jorgen, which comes to the Anne Portnuff Theatre on September 23rd.

YORKTON – The Yorkton Arts Council will host 10 performances from September to May at several different venues located throughout the city.

The performances are part of the 'Yorkton Arts Council Presents' series.

The first in the series of performances will be 'Anne of Green Gables – The Ballet' performed by Canada's Ballet Jorgen, which comes to the Anne Portnuff Theatre on September 23rd.

The ballet had previously been scheduled for a performance in the city, but was cancelled due to COVID.  

“We're very excited that they're touring Anne of Green Gabels again,” said Tonia Vermette, Administrator with the YAC, later adding that “tickets are really moving for the ballet now and we are hoping that we will have some very full theatres coming up.”

“The orchestration was created from Anne of Green Gabels the musical,” said Vermette, adding, “they're using the same orchestration for the ballet—it's going to be awesome.”

Following the ballet, the YAC will present several more musical and theatrical acts to be performed at the Painted Hand Casino and St. Andrew’s United Church from October through to May.

Vermette said the addition of different venues as opposed to just using the Anne Portnuff Theatre is "an effort to try and reach a wider audience.”

“It's an attempt to reach different people who would maybe come to certain genres of music and having them at different places—spreading them around through the city—encouraging people to come out, back to live performance after the pandemic,” said Vermette of the usage of multiple venues.  

"The painted hand casino series—those are more of the party bands, the get up and dance bands— or sit and have a drink and enjoy the show," said Vermette.

Musicians performing at the Painted Hand Casino include singer/songwriter Chris Henderson performing in November.  

"With four albums to his credit and more than 15 years of touring across Canada, Henderson brings a charisma and charm to the stage that leaves audience members feeling like they’ve known him for years and have lived the stories in his songs," read an article about the artist on YAC's website.

In Feburary, Mowtown artist Luke McMaster will hit the stage of the Painted Hand.

"Luke confidently honors the Motown era that we know and love while crafting new soulful hits for the next generation," read an article from YAC.

In May, The Derina Harvey Band will perform to concert goers.

"Derina Harvey leads the award-winning Celtic Rock group, the Derina Harvey Band. With a show that offers a fresh take on traditional folk songs as well as a few originals, Derina’s vibrant personality takes center stage with humour, storytelling, and, of course, her powerful vocals," read a description of the band in the about section of the their website.  

“The series that are at the Anne Portnuff Theatre—the shows that are there—require a larger stage," said Vermette, noting, "'Anne of Green Gables – The Ballet' is going to be very well attended so it needs to be a bigger a venue—so we've slotted in shows there that demand the theatre.”

The ballet performance kicks off several of the performances to be held at the Anne Portnuff from now through to May.

November will see Twin Flames perform at the theatre.

"Building bridges across cultures, continents, and styles, Twin Flames bring together a richness of personal history and musical experience. Blending together Indigenous and western instruments, as well as their own unique sonic creations, this multi-award winning duo effortlessly floats between Inuktitut, French, and English leaving audiences fascinated and inspired," read a description of the act on YAC's website.

In March, dance theatre company, 'MOTUS O', will perform 'Prisoner of Tehran' at the Anne Portnuff.

"Prisoner of Tehran, based on the book of the same name, is a unique collaboration between Iranian born writer/speaker Marina Nemat and MOTUS O. This unique performance piece is a synthesis of theatre, video and storytelling that swims in a landscape of movement brushing the themes of oppression, persecution, survival and most of all HOPE," read a description of the performance from YAC.  

To round things out for Anne Portnuff performances, the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra will be presenting 'Keyed to Life: The Music of Stevie Wonder' in April.

"The universality of Stevie Wonder and his music serve as the inspiration behind this Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra show. It will feature a blend of classic and reimagined renditions of Stevie Wonder’s incredibly joy-filled music," read a description of the performance from the YAC.

Vermette said the St. Andrews United Church series will have two Classical Music performances as well as a  Gypsy Jazz performance.

“A choral performance in there—it is just fabulous acoustics," said Vermette of the SAUC venue, adding, "some of the quieter classical musicians get a little bit lost in the big theatre, and so these going to be more intimate and gorgeous performances that happen at St. Andrews United Church.”

Performances at SAUC include those from Gypsy Jazz musicians Christine Tassan et les Imposteures (Christine Tassan and the Impostores) on October 17.

"For more than 20 years, Christine Tassan, an outstanding guitarist, has been steering her ship with boundless enthusiasm and confidence. Blessed with an absolutely contagious dynamism, she is one of the rare female jazz and gypsy jazz guitar soloists; and she stands out for her sensitive playing, her quiet strength, and her irresistible audacity," read an exerpt from bio on the band's website.

Two performances from Prairie Debut will also be held at SAUC.  The first performance takes place on January 13 and features Farhad Khosravi (santur) and Daniel Stadnicki (percussion).  

"The long resonating tones of Farhad Khosravi’s santur weave naturally with the earthy sounds of Daniel Stadnicki’s percussion, creating a seamless musical journey," read a description of the duo on YAC's website.

Concluding the performances at SAUC in February of 2023 is Viðarneistí.

"Clarinet and marimba duo Catherine Wood and Victoria Sparks...come together as Viðarneistí (pronounced vee-thar-nest-ee). The Icelandic term for “wood spark” is an apt description for what happens when the rich, sultry tone of the clarinet meets the percussive punch of marimba. The recognition of their shared Icelandic heritage serves as a springboard for Wood and Sparks, as they delve into themes from their Nordic roots," read a description of the duo on Prairie Debut's website.

For more information on the upcoming performances and to purchase tickets, visit the Yorkton Arts Council's website