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Saskatoon Folkfest: Travelling without leaving the city

Saskatoon continues to celebrate multiculturalism.

SASKATOON — The sights, sounds and tastes of various ethnic groups that make the city a melting pot of cultures was once again highlighted during the three-day Saskatoon Folkfest held in different venues. The three-day annual event, from Aug. 17 to 19, gave residents a glimpse of what the 17 participating communities offer in pavilions spread across the city. 

The Saskatoon Folkfest is an annual event that celebrates the cultural diversity of Saskatoon, Canada. The event typically spans three days and features the participation of various ethnic communities, each represented by a pavilion where they showcase their culture through performances, food, and souvenirs.

The Folkfest aims to promote multiculturalism, educate the community about different cultures, and foster a sense of inclusion and diversity.

The participating communities represent a wide range of countries and cultures, such as Bangladesh, Cameroon, China, Francophone, Germany, India, First Nations and Métis, Iran, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Pakistan, the Philippines, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Ukraine (Karpaty), and Vietnam. Each pavilion offers visitors a unique experience that transports them to the culture of the represented community.

Throughout the event, visitors are treated to traditional dances, music, and other performances that showcase the heritage of each ethnic group. The food and drinks offered at each pavilion allow attendees to sample authentic cuisines worldwide. Additionally, souvenir shops allow visitors to take home mementos of their Folkfest experience.

The Saskatoon Folkfest has a long history, dating back to the early 1980s. It has evolved into a significant annual event that draws residents and visitors from various parts of Saskatchewan and neighbouring provinces like Alberta and Manitoba. The event brings together thousands of performers and volunteers who work together to create an immersive cultural experience for tens of thousands of attendees.

Overall, the Saskatoon Folkfest is a testament to the city's commitment to celebrating and promoting its diverse population. It is a platform for fostering understanding, appreciation, and unity among different cultural communities while showcasing the beauty of their traditions and contributions to the city's identity.

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