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YMF awards over $5,000 worth of scholarships

District winners recommended to compete at the provincial level.

YORKTON – The Yorkton Music Festival Association held their 2024 Hi-Lites and Awards Program the afternoon of March 24.

The afternoon featured awards, scholarships, and district winners as well as Hi-Lights performers chosen by adjudicators from each section of the festival including woodwind instruments, piano, vocal, saxophone, violin, flute, clarinet and choir peformances with over $5,000 in scholarships awarded throughout the festival.

District winners of the festival in the vocal category include Keisha Quinto, the Sacred Heart High School Choir and Charis Winslow.

In the piano category, Tabatha Buhler, Angela Fetsch, Janelle Gotengco, Evia McDowell and Juliana Ubongen were reccomended to compete at provincials.