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Yorkton Adult Band offering something special to end season

Admission to the performance is by donation.
In 2017 the Yorkton Adult Band celebrate Canada.

YORKTON - The annual spring concert by Yorkton’s Adult Concert Band will be a more major event than most years.

The concert, set for Tuesday, May 14, at the Anne Portnuff Theatre is going to be all about Canada, both past and present.

“The idea to show the ‘new Canada’ started with the Filipino Choir,” said band director Larry Pearen.

Soon the show became Portraits of Canada: A Musical Tribute.

The choir of 20 local singers wanted to become involved and over the last several months the concert just kept growing.

“They said can we do something else,” said Pearen.

It was quickly recognized to reflect Canada there needed to be First Nations involved.

Yorkton Tribal Chief Isabel O’Soup was asked to do the opening remarks, and she accepted, said Pearen, adding drummers were a natural addition next.

With six with ties to the Netherlands involved, a song from a composer was added.

Then it was Ukrainian dancers.

Pearen said they then wanted to show the provincial flags, and local cadets were enlisted to carry them.

The RCMP came on board, and so music from the famed RCMP musical ride was added to the program.

And, as a finale a large screen will show scenes from across the nation courtesy of SUMA, said Pearen.

Admission to the performance is by donation, and Pearen said they are hoping for a full theatre.