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Yorkton Minor Football alumni named all-stars

A pair of former Yorkton Minor Football alumni have been selected as all-stars by U Sports.
noah and peter
Photos courtesy of Zerr and Kozushka
A pair of former Yorkton Minor Football alumni have been selected as all-stars by U Sports.
Noah Zerr and Peter Kozushka, both who are left tackles, were named to the East-West Bowl, an annual postseason Canadian university football all-star game that showcases the top U Sports football prospects in the country who will be eligible for the following year’s CFL Draft.
Zerr, who is currently playing at the University of Saskatchewan, said that being selected is huge for him.
“It was definitely something I was hoping for. You see a lot of your teammates get elected to go to games and get some of those awards, and it’s something you strive for as a player for sure. I definitely had my eye on it for a couple of years now, and it is one of those pats on the back that kind of lets you know you are going in the right direction,” he said. “For me it’s a nice little stepping stone. It was one of the things I wanted to accomplish before I left University and saw what professional football had for me.”
Kozushka, who is playing at the University of Alberta, said his selection shows how good the team is a developing players.
“It’s good to get. I think it just speaks to what we are doing as a program here, a U of A and the level of commitment we have as a team. We have six guys for East/West, which is tied for the most, so I think it just speaks to the kind of program that we have here.”
“I think it really shows that it doesn’t matter where you come from; you don’t have to be from the big city to be a good football player,” he said.
As for being named on all-star with Kozushka, Zerr said it shows the level of football Yorkton has been able to produce.
“I grew up one year behind Peter, and we played a whole bunch of football together, and it’s amazing to see him on that team with me and sharing some of these accolades, and it’s big,” he said. “You grow up looking up to a guy like Peter; he was such a big role model, and to be on the same team with him is just one of those moments where the stars just align.”
Next, for Zerr and Kozushka, they are hopeful they can play their final seasons of University football and work towards impressing scouts for next year’s CFL draft.