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Canora business releases unique new spray with significant health benefits

A Canora-based business has created a new oral spray which offers powerful benefits to the human immune system.
Nick Martinuik
Nick Martinuik of MySpray Therapeutics in Canora, has released MyShrooms Immunity, a new natural product with proven health benefits.

             A Canora-based business has created a new oral spray which offers powerful benefits to the human immune system.

            MyShrooms Immunity, the latest product by Nick Martinuik of MySpray Therapeutics in Canora, has received interest from across Canada for its wide-ranging benefits since its release in August.

            Martinuik, who is a homeopath and a registered massage therapist, has practised natural medicine in Canora for 20 years. He has partnered with a pharmaceutical lab in Vancouver and formulated other health-promoting products in the past, including MyPain LiniMint, Vitamin B12 Energy and Vitamin D3 Sunshine.

            He said he enjoys helping people overcome challenges and achieve better health.

            “We need to focus on improving health and preventing diseases, rather than just reacting to a problem. Many of us do a better job of taking care of our cars than we do of looking after our own health,” said Martinuik.

            MyShrooms Immunity is the fourth product developed by MySpray Therapeutics and approved by Health Canada. He said it provides users with the synergistic health benefits from eight different medicinal mushrooms, which are combined to assist all areas of the body and the immune system in various ways.

            Fungi, and the mushrooms they produce, have been on this earth for over a billion years and much longer than mankind, said Martinuik. They have survived all disastrous extinction- level events that have caused plant life and animal species to become extinct, and still continued to survive, thanks to their strong and experienced defence system.

            “Humans and mushrooms share on average 50 per cent of the same DNA, and we have many similar traits, including breathing oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. There are millions of varieties of fungi, and so far we only understand a small percentage of them. Science has a lot of catching up to do.”


New spray offers health benefits for all ages


            Since fungi have been around for so many years, their defence system has much more experience in recognizing threats and dealing with them than the human immune system. MyShrooms Immunity has been formulated to pass that medicinal defence on to humans.

            The product may be beneficial in the prevention and fight against a wide variety of diseases. Medicinal mushrooms are recognized for being anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and as an antioxidant to name a few of their attributes.

            Another well-respected area is their anticancer and anti-tumour capabilities, where the human immune system doesn’t recognize or respond to the cells or tumour as being a threat. Asian cultures have led this research and utilized medications from mushrooms as an adjuvant treatment to simulate the immune system to recognize the threat and defend against it.

            Martinuik said the product can play an important role in managing allergies.

            “What happens with allergies is that essentially our immune system is overreacting. Mushrooms act as a down regulator in this situation to calm the system. We’ve had feedback where people have used MyShrooms Immunity and been able to eliminate their allergy medications.”

            Autoimmune diseases, where the body’s immune system essentially attacks healthy cells, is another area where mushrooms can help the immune system to properly recognize healthy cells and organs, and control these attacks.

            Martinuik said the concept of utilizing mushrooms in medicine is nothing new, since many existing prescription drugs come from fungi, including penicillin, antibiotics, anti-fungals, cholesterol statins, immunosuppressants and cancer medications. Medicinal mushrooms have been utilized for thousands of years in many cultures around the world, including First Nations in Canada.

            In addition to the product itself, a major reason for the success of MyShrooms Immunity is that it is taken as an sublingual spray directly under the tongue. When a person takes a pill, the rate of absorption in the body usually ranges from 10 to 30 per cent. Martinuik said MyShrooms Immunity achieves an absorption rate of up to 90 per cent, which contributes to its effectiveness.

            For those wishing to use the product to maintain their good health, he recommends a dose of six sprays per day, which works out to a total of about one millilitre. Anyone battling a specific health concern should double the dose to 12 sprays per day. It can be used either by itself or as a complement to modern medical therapies and treatments. The spray itself is a chocolate flavour, increasing its appeal.

            "In my professional opinion, MyShrooms Immunity should be in everyone’s daily routine, especially as we enter cold and flu season. The secret to good health is to minimize your risks, and proper function within the immune system is essential to balance the scales between health and disease,” said Martinuik.

            Further information on MyShrooms Immunity is available at  The product can be purchased on-line, at the Homeopathic Medical & Therapy Clinic (HMTC) in Canora, and at most local pharmacies.

            Martinuik said he’s looking forward to releasing more mushroom-based health products in the future. He believes he can formulate products which take advantage of the mushroom’s abilities to aid in a variety of bodily functions including lungs and oxygen capacity, brain and nerve function, and many others.

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