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Cardlock facility to soon become a reality

After many delays the proposed cardlock for Preeceville is finally becoming a reality.

After many delays the proposed cardlock for Preeceville is finally becoming a reality. Gateway Co-operative board members were joined by Federated Co-operative members and the contractor as they turned a shovel of sod to kick off the work on August 4. The cardlock site is located on the east side of Preeceville. The 10.9 acres is scheduled to be the future home of the C-store and the lumberyard.

In attendance at the groundbreaking ceremony were: Lyle Olson, board member; Dana Antonovitch, Gateway Co-op general manager; George Stinka, board member; Dan Fairburn, Preeceville Co-op branch manager; Mike Zeeben, board member; Wayne Barsby, board member; Herb Carlson, board member; Ter-ry Vanmackelberg, Feder-ated Co-op member; Susan McMartin, Federated Co-op; Sean Sullivan, Federated Co-op; Mike Rawlyk, Mainline Industries; and Murry Cary-lyle from Stantec.

Main Line Industries was awarded the tender and fol-lowing the groundbreaking ceremony, work began on the site on August 6.

“The cardlock project has met some delays much to the frustration of ad-ministration,” said Dana Antonovitch, Gateway Co-operative general manager. “But we are back on track with excavation work being done and we hope that the cardlock will be operational by this fall. We have three main projects on the go, the cardlock and the C-store for Preeceville and a proposed C-store in Canora.”

“The next stage is the project will be to install three 500,000-litre tanks,” said Dan Fairburn, Preeceville Co-op branch manager.

“The tanks will be state-of-the-art tanks with the latest technology. The tanks will hold regular and premium gasoline and clear and farm diesel. There will be no buildings built this year on the site except the cardlock station.