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Catching up on life and such

By Sonja Herter (Korol) (Former Donwell resident)

Sometimes life and other things get in the way. Such has been my case this last while. I spent Thanksgiving with my family at the farm. The countdown to the election took place and finally the long-awaited day arrived.

I voted in the advance poll since I knew I would not be around on Election Day. It took me three tries looking for a parking stop on the afternoon of the first day. I did not find one close by so I went home. Around suppertime, I tried again. This time I was successful but it took an hour-and-a-half to accomplish the mission. Meanwhile the news from other advance polls across Canada was not great due to long line-ups and slow movement. Now that the election is over, we are waiting to see who forms the cabinet for the Liberals and what will be first on their agenda. In the time being, there is still conflict taking place in many parts of the world,

Meanwhile, there were other happenings which affected many. There is the emotion-grabbing news of the murdered father and his young daughter which tugged on deeper emotions and brought out a lot of emotions and questions. Then there was the tragedy of the three young sisters, losing their lives while playing in the canola seed. That story brought back thoughts of home. As a child, I often played in the grain, but that was wheat which was not dreaded to the same depths. No one was thinking of the potential for an oilseed to destroy a family. However, there was time once when I got kernels of wheat in my ear canal and that required a trip to the doctor. Although small, those seeds can cause a lot of pain and discomfort.

The Toronto Blue Jays’ performance this season had Canadians cheering, but it still was not the Jays’ season. Still, a team with such dedicated fans resulted in a raised excitement level.

The federal election campaign succeeded in attracting a whole new generation to election booths. The election took an unexpected turn, according to the various polls taken throughout the 78-day campaign. To bring some peace and quiet into my life (and the excitement of a brief holiday) I went with my brother and sister-in-law on a short holiday to Fairmount. When I came back, I realized I still needed some time off as I still felt rather lazy, but having friends and family around at the same time made me rejuvenate and now I feel like tackling things once again.

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