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Dancers bring home more than just medals from Yorkton competition

Ukrainian dancers excel at traditional art.

PREECEVILLE — Hard work and dedication by the Barevenok Ukrainian Dance members of Sturgis paid off at the 21st annual Yorkton Kalyna Ukrainian Dance festival when they achieved many medals and personal bests. The festival took place on April 27-28 with many other Ukrainian Dance groups participating.

Vincente Rees was the adjudicator for this year’s festival. Rees has been a prolific dancer, director, choreographer and curator of Ukrainian dance, art and culture for many years.

Sturgis member who won medals were as follows:

Lindy Romanchuk performed a solo Transcarpathian dance to score a 91 and a gold medal.

Maycee Johnson performed a solo Transcarpathian dance to score 88 for a silver.

Eva Romanchuk performed a solo Lemko dance to score a 93 and a gold.

Oliver Anaka performed a Character dance and received a score of 87 for a silver.

Amber MacDonald danced a Volyn solo for an 88 and a silver. She also performed a Hutzul solo that scored an 87 for a silver.

Amber and Karlie MacDonald performed a Bukovina Duet, with a score of  86 for a silver medal.

Eva, Lindy and Tara Romanchuk danced a Family Polissia that received an 88 and a silver.

Maycee and Sandra Johnson and Amber and Karlie MacDonald danced a Family Poltava that scored an 88 and a silver medal.

Group one dancers Everleigh Anaka, Hudson Babiarz, Hartley Hulbert, Connor Prestie, and Hailey Seghers performed a Poltava and scored a 90 for a gold medal.

Group two dancers Blake Beatty, Nicholas Chalupiak, Josie Moekerk, Will Prestie, Hazely Preston, Brinley Robinson, Avery Storoschuk, Sophia Storoschuk and Georgia van Niewenhuyze danced a Transcarpathian dance that scored an 87 for a silver. The group also danced a Poltava that scored an 89 for a silver medal.

Group three dancers Oliver Anaka, Lily Beatty, Emily Belesky, Maycee Johnson, Karlie MacDonald, and Lindy Romanchuk performed a Bukovina dance that received an 89 and a silver. The group also performed a Poltava that scored an 88 and a silver medal.

Group four dancers Allie Babiuk, Graison Belesky, Olivia Ivanochko Amber MacDonald and Eva Romanchuk danced a Poltava that received a 89 for a silver. They also earned silver medals for a score of 91 n the Volyn, and another 91 in the Transcarpathian.

The adult class with members Tecia Fincaryk, Sandra Johnson, Amanda Kowalchuk, Kylee Meroniuk, Jerilyn Radawetz, Tara Romanchuk and Loranda Shuba received gold medals for both their dances, a Poltava with a score of 91, and a 91 for their Hutzul dance. “This was the first time that the adult class entered and danced in the large competition,” stated Sandra Johnson, one of the dancers.