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Endeavour mayor reflects on year for village

New Year, new projections for small community of Endeavour.
The Village of Endeavour remains a viable and strong little community at the outset of 2024, according to Mayor Brad Romanchuk.

PREECEVILLE - Brad Romanchuk, the mayor for the village of Endeavour highlighted his reflections for 2023 and for the New Year.

“Our village, along with many others in the province, is struggling to remain viable and alive,” said Romanchuk.

“We at Endeavour are fortunate that we have a large population of non-resident recreation properties. However, the problem is that we can not enter these numbers into the official census. Therefore our granting formula is greatly impacted, yet we still provide whatever services we can to these properties. The fortunate issue is that these people keep their properties well looked after and taxes are usually up-to-date.”

There is a new business coming in at the Endeavour Letter and Liquor, according to Romanchuk.

“Louise Armstrong planning is on a small confectionary and coffee shop. There is also planning scheduled for some building additions on some residential properties. Otherwise we are just trying to maintain the status quo. The search is still ongoing for playground funding.

“We have lost a few businesses but still have some valuable businesses including the Pioneer Hotel, Endeavour Letter and Liquor, and Orest’s Welding and Machining. We are continuing to maintain our tax rate and continue on working on our aging water and sewer infrastructure.

“We also are fortunate that our school community complex and skating rink are being utilized by private groups and our curling rink is utilized by the archery club.

“Finally, on behalf of council and staff of the village of Endeavour, we welcome new residents and visitors. Also we wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous new year,” concluded Romanchuk.