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Girls softball struggling but overcoming low numbers of players

Pixies spread magic over its all-girl competition.

PREECEVILLE — The Preeceville Pixie all-girl softball team may be short on players but makes up for it in heart and dedication. They played their first home game on May 22 against Hudson Bay and despite facing cold weather and being a small team in numbers, the Preeceville team dug deep and toppled Hudson Bay with 15 to 11 win. The team’s first away game was in Canora on May 13.

“We are all very excited to have a girls softball team here. Some of these girls have played baseball in the past but softball has some different rules and the biggest difference is the pitching. We have a great group of young ladies that listen well and are super eager to learn and excel at this awesome game. James Bodnar and Sheldon Luciw are the only umpires in town that have the special training required to umpire girls softball,” said Sheri Masko, assistant coach.

“This year the U17 team only has six players. I talked to the girls before the season and told them we don’t have enough for a team but if they want to play I will make it work. So, every game we pull up U15 players. Shannon Nelson and I scheduled all our games on different days since otherwise the younger U15 team wouldn’t have enough players either,” said Masko, coach for U17 all girls softball team.

The U17 players are: Asia Kilborn, Alexis Firman, Addison Danielson, Sarah Masko, Paje Reynolds and Kacey Heskin. The U15 players added to the team are: Devon Purdy, Trenley Nelson, Maggie Ivanochko and Makenna Firman.