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Kamsack family man launches excavation and landscaping business

Tony Derwores is the owner and operator of TDX Contracting – a landscaping and excavation company operating out of Kamsack.

Tony Derwores is the owner and operator of TDX Contracting – a landscaping and excavation company operating out of Kamsack. Derwores has over 22 years of experience and knowledge in operating equipment as a result of working for multiple construction companies across Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The Derwores family moved to Kamsack in 1992 when he was just13 years old.  With the exception of spending eight years in Alberta, Derwores has been a Kamsack resident ever since. He now has a family of his own, consisting of his spouse and two children.

“The thing that inspired me the most to start TDX Contracting was my family. It was becoming very difficult to work on the road and be gone away from them. My spouse figured out that I was only home four per cent a year and away the rest. We have two daughters and I was missing them grow up.”

TDX Contracting offers excavation services, landscaping and general construction services for Kamsack and the surrounding communities. Derwores admits the new business venture was risky at first, but in the end, he’s happy he made the leap to start his own business and achieve significantly better balance in his personal life.

“The hardest aspect so far would have been the decision to leave a company that I was at for the last 13 years for the unknown,” shared Derwores. “I have a family to support and I couldn’t have predicted just how busy my own business would be.”

Customers are encouraged to get in touch to get quotes or book jobs as soon as possible, by messaging through the TDX Facebook page or calling direct as Derwores is now keeping extremely busy offering high-demand, four season services including tree and stump removal, landscaping, preparing gravel pads, trenching and ditching, lot clearing and cleanup, mulching, fence line clearing, water and sewer, culverts, preparing post holes, cleaning cattle leans and chutes, site grading, drainage, foundation preparation, hauling materials, and snow removal, to name a few.


As his business grows and word-of-mouth referrals increase, Derwores is already reporting satisfaction in his new career path.

“The most enjoyable aspect of running my own business is getting to see and hear how happy a customer is after completing their job. I have had some really interesting jobs in the last two months and I have enjoyed them all! I have done mulching at the Riverside Golf Course, tree clean up throughout Madge Lake and landscaping at Waves Ice Cream & Mini Golf – just to name a few.”

Looking into the future, Derwores hopes to build a reputation that backs his personal work ethic.

“I am a bit of perfectionist and I strive to do the best work for a reasonable price. When opening this business I wanted to make sure that it would be affordable for everyone. I hope that in the future I can continue to keep busy and provide quality work for our community and surrounding areas.”