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Kamsack opens Legacy Co-op Disc Golf Series

Next stop on tour will be Churchbridge Sept. 25
kamsack disc 2
A putt attempt is made at the 2021 Kamsack Open.
KAMSACK - The 2021 Kamsack Open Disc Golf Tournament was held Sunday. 

The tourney was the first stop of three on the 2021 Legacy Co-op Series Tour. 

In the MA1 category Josh Istace of Moosomin tore through the course with a minus-six on the first round then going minus-nine on the second round to finish at minus-15, 11 better than Gage McKay at -4. Chase McKay was third at a plus-three. 

Ian McKay took the MP40 category with a minus-six, with Terry Cumming second at plus-15. 

Chris Istace of Moosomin topped the MA40 division with a plus-15. 

The Legacy Co-op Series continues Sept. 25, with the Churchbridge Open, and then wraps up in Yorkton Oct. 31 with the Hell to Play Tournament.