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King of Westside Outlaws gets more jail time for causing disturbance at correctional centre

'I was frustrated with being kept in security for like five months for no real reason, just because of my gang flag' - Terrance Stonechild

SASKATOON – The king of Westside Outlaws was handed more jail time Monday for causing a disturbance at the Saskatoon Correctional Centre earlier this year.  

Six months consecutive were added onto 33-year-old Terrance Charles Stonechild’s sentence that he is currently serving.

Stonechild told Saskatoon Provincial Court Judge Marilyn Gray that he was upset with being housed in a secure unit just because of his gang affiliation.

“At the time I was frustrated with being kept in security for like five months for no real reason, just because of my gang flag,” said Stonechild when he appeared in court via CCTV from the Regina Correctional Centre.

“Being kept there for no reason, a long time, does do damage,” he said. “I have been in custody most of my life and I have been housed in secure units for most of it you know, and it takes a real toll on personal health. That’s what I want you to understand.”

Stonechild had pleaded guilty earlier this month to mischief for an incident at the correctional centre.

Three inmates cause disturbance

According to Saskatoon Police, on June 29, 2021, at approximately 8:45 p.m. a disturbance involving three inmates in the high security gang unit was reported by the Saskatoon Correctional Centre. Officers attended and arrested Terrance Stonechild, Ryan Stonechild, and Trystin Rueben George Spyglass.

All three were charged with mischief. Ryan Stonechild and Spyglass were additionally charged with arson.

Saskatoon Crown Prosecutor Evan Thompson told the court that Terrance Stonechild and Spyglass were allowed out of their secure units to do their job as unit cleaners. Terrance Stonechild’s brother Ryan Stonechild came out of his cell and asked to make a phone call. He was denied the phone call and became upset and called staff names and the inmates refused to lock up.

The three inmates then threw water, garbage, and cleaning supplies at the staff, the office doors, and windows.

They put clothing in the sliding main doors so they couldn’t be secured shut, said Thompson. They tied shirts together to make a rope and used it to lock the staff office door.  Several small fires were lit.

Stonechild used a broom to slap shot a red mop bucket towards the office and hit the broom against the wall, breaking it. He then swung the broken broom towards a camera.

Court documents show that Stonechild was charged by Saskatoon Police on Aug. 30, 2021, with mischief for willfully interfering with the lawful use and enjoyment of property, a lobby area on June 29, 2021. 

Lengthy criminal history

During Stonechild’s sentencing hearing in Lloydminster Provincial Court on July 7 North Battleford Crown Prosecutor Oryn Holm told the court that Stonechild was the “king of Westside Outlaws street gang.”

In July Stonechild was sentenced to 412 days in jail for weapons and drug-related offences. Those charges stem from an incident in December 2020 in Paradise Hills and Onion Lake Cree Nation (OLCN) when he was banished from OLCN. Stonechild is one of 32 people banished from OLCN as the community combats illegal drug and gang activity. OLCN declared a state of emergency in January 2020 after a string of gang-related violence threatened the safety of the community.

Saskatoon Crown Prosecutor Evan Thompson told the court today that Stonechild was also involved in a prison riot in 2015. For that incident he was sentenced to an additional 16 months.

He added that Stonechild has a serious criminal record and has been put on the National Flagging System as a potential dangerous offender and police forces in other provinces have been warned about him.

In December 2015 the RCMP released Stonechild’s photo and charged him with attempted murder in connection with a shooting on Onion Lake Cree Nation. According to RCMP, on Dec. 6, 2015, a 24-year-old woman on Onion Lake was shot in the head. She was airlifted to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon and recovered.

In March 2014 the RCMP released Stonechild’s photo asking the public to help locate him saying he was wanted for a violent armed robbery in Lloydminster and for other violence-related offences.

Spent majority of his life incarcerated

Stonechild's lawyer told the court that Stonechild only has a Grade 8 education and doesn’t have much of a work history because he has spent most of his life incarcerated.

He said Stonechild was born in Saskatoon but grew up in Onion Lake, Edmonton, and Beardy’s. He spent some time in the foster care system and both of his parents are residential school survivors. His mother’s boyfriend was an alcoholic and Stonechild was introduced to alcohol at an early age and now has issues with alcohol.

Stonechild’s lawyer told the court that his survival instincts kicked in when his brother Ryan was being called names by a guard. He said Stonechild was also frustrated by the lack of programming and help at the correctional centre.

He asked the court to make a recommendation for Stonechild to be moved from the Regina Correctional Centre to the Saskatoon Correctional Centre so he can be closer to his family.

He said that when Stonechild is released from jail he may go live with family in Wetaskiwin, Alta.

Judge accepts joint submission

Judge Gray accepted the Crown and defence’s joint submission to the court.

“A six month sentence is at the lower end of the range for this kind of conduct and you have to appreciate that when you become involved in something like this it is considered very serious,” said Judge Gray.

“The institution has some obligation to keep inmates safe and when inmates conduct themselves in this fashion it makes the work very difficult and is very risky to everyone else in the place.”

Judge Gray added that she took Stonechild’s early guilty plea into consideration and the consequences he has suffered within the correctional centre as a result of his behaviour.

“I would truly like to see you focus on addictions treatment and hopefully get to the point where your life doesn’t consist of being arrested and put in jail.”



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