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Lasso the Two fundraising game begins at Chester’s Place tomorrow

A game that will be played as a way to raise money for the continued success of the Kamsack Indoor Rodeo begins at Chester’s Place tomorrow (Friday).
Lasso the two
Members of the Kamsack Indoor Rodeo committee met last week to finalize plans in order to begin the Lasso the Two fundraising project at Chester’s Place in Kamsack tomorrow (Friday). Attending the meeting, from left, were: Cindy Koreluik, secretary; Dave Matechuk, president; Kim Petruk, treasurer, succeeding Carol Belley, who is now the advertising co-ordinator; Kevin Boese, vice-president, and Brian Hunter, the arena manager.

            A game that will be played as a way to raise money for the continued success of the Kamsack Indoor Rodeo begins at Chester’s Place tomorrow (Friday).

            Lasso the Two, a raffle that makes use of a deck of playing cards and weekly draws, is similar to the Chase the Ace game being played each Friday at the Kamsack Legion Hall.

            “We received our license for the Lasso the Two from the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority last week,” said Carol Belley, advertising co-ordinator of the Kamsack Indoor Rodeo.

In Lasso the Two, the prized card is the two of clubs and every Friday at 7 p.m., a draw will be made from tickets sold for $2 each on that day between 5 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. at Chester’s Place restaurant in Kamsack.

The winner of the draw wins 20 per cent of that evening’s ticket sales, while 30 per cent is added to a growing prize pool, and 50 per cent will go to the rodeo association.

The winner of the draw also gets to draw a card from a deck, hoping to draw the two of clubs. If the winner draws the two of clubs, he or she will also win the growing prize pool, ending that “round,” and the next week a new “round,” with a complete new deck of cards begins. The whole game will conclude 52 weeks after it begins.

The association has placed a prize of $500 into a kitty so that until the growing prize pool reaches that amount, players will be able to win at least that amount right from the first week, Belley said.

In Lasso the Two, like in other communities where this game is played, the winner of the weekly draw does not need to be in attendance at the restaurant at the time the draw is made, he explained. If one is not able to stick around after purchasing his or her ticket or tickets, the organizing committee will first give the draw winner a phone call to ask him or her to come to the restaurant immediately to draw the card. If the draw winner is unable to return to the restaurant, a previously identified committee member would be prepared to draw the card for the winning ticket holder.

“But we’d encourage each week’s players to stay and have fun at the restaurant between 5 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. while the tickets are being sold,” Belley said.

“We’re hoping to raise funds for the association to help offset the costs of holding the annual rodeo,” he said, explaining that it now costs over $50,000 to stage the Kamsack rodeo.

The 18th annual Kamsack Indoor Rodeo will be held at the Broda Sportsplex during the evening of September 30 and in the afternoon of October 1.