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Making an impact in early childhood development

Pre-schooler learning takes on new challenges filled with fun, socializing and family time in Preeceville.

PREECEVILLE — Children, parents and grandparents enjoyed spending time together learning during the Mobile Early Learning East Central Area, Intriguing Minds, Parents and Children Together (IMPACT) program. It was overseen by Kim Gelowitz, Yorkton project developer.

The program was hosted at the Preeceville School on May 14 and in Sturgis on April 15 and focused on early childhood development.

The event targeted the preschool aged children and their caregivers. All stations established were for developmentally appropriate and demonstrated skills and activities for children and parents. The fun educational and interactive stations were designed to help children develop the skills needed for a successful experience when they start attending school. It also promoted awareness of self, social skills, cognitive skills, language communication, and physical development.

The theme focused on dinosaurs. The 12 stations that focused on scientific exploration and experiments for children featured an obstacle course, numbers and counting, fossil exploration, a DinoVision craft creation table, egg and bone sizing station, building dinosaurs, a stegosaurus stomp and dash active station, a playdough station, a puzzle station, colouring and sorting, a dino crunch game, and a free floor play time area.

"IMPACT engages children in play and we are encouraging healthy development," said Gelowitz.