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Many topics discussed at Town of Preeceville regular meeting

The Town of Preeceville Council held its regular meeting on June 17 with approval for release of minutes from the May 27 monthly meeting, according to Lorelei Karcha, chief administrator.

The Town of Preeceville Council held its regular meeting on June 17 with approval for release of minutes from the May 27 monthly meeting, according to Lorelei Karcha, chief administrator.

The meeting was held at the Community Legion hall due to the social distancing guidelines resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Council acknowledged that Dr. Shamsher Singh had notified the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Town of Preeceville that he will be leaving the Preeceville and District Health Centre as of August 31. It was also acknowledged that the Doctor Incentive Agreement between Singh and the Town will be cancelled as of his departure date with the final incentive payment provided. The Town terminated the house lease agreement for the house that Singh was residing in with his family.

Council agreed that a letter is to be written to the Saskatchewan Health Authority requesting a review and accept any qualified physicians recruited by the Town of Preeceville for the upcoming physician vacancy in an effort to avoid the lengthy Saskatchewan International Physician Practice Assessment (SIPPA) program process.

Work on the Waste Water Treatment Facility Project was acknowledged as being done by Acadia Construction Management Ltd.

The Town of Preeceville was to advertise to have a contractor assist with the cleanup work of properties that have been identified as unsightly and unruly nuisance properties under the Town's Nuisance Abatement Bylaw.

Council received and approved a quote from McGill's Industrial Services for dust control services in the amount of $13,766.

Council acknowledged that Phase 2 of the Asbestos Abatement services provided by Got Mold, Air Quality specialists at 20 Main Street North is now complete and the remaining contract portion of $27,503 was paid as of May 22. Council also decided that Squareone Consulting Ltd. be hired to complete a final asbestos inspection and sampling work required for the remaining portions of the building.

The lease agreement between the Town and the Saskatchewan Health Authority for Physiotherapy and Public Health space within the Preeceville administration building was approved and authorized for another year.

A new bylaw was passed and approved to provide resident and visitor parking only access on both sides of Second Avenue Northwest from First Street Northwest to Second Avenue Northwest.

The Town of Preeceville approved a donation of $250 towards the Presentation of the Preeceville Graduates 2020 virtual event.

In relation to the Government of Saskatchewan's re-opening plan, all Town of Preeceville office and shop employees returned to normal work procedures and schedules.

Council accepted the resignation of Jesse Nelson, arena manager and shop labourer effective May 15. The position will be advertised and filled as soon as possible.

Shawn Kowal, shop labourer, was acknowledged as receiving his Water and Sewer Level 1 cortication from the Operators Certification Board.

It was acknowledged that by Minister's Order all municipalities assessment appeal periods for 2020 have been extended by 30 days due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the Town of Preeceville assessment appeal deadline was June 1.

Donations received for the James Ward Memorial Play Structure were set aside to purchase equipment.

Council accepted the resignation of Chris Balyski, Town of Preeceville councillor effective May 12 and the vacancy will be filled at the 2020 election held on November 9.

A demolition permit was approved for #42-Fifth Street Southeast for a house and porch demolition.

Council agreed that in response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic the Town of Preeceville cancel three months of current rental payments for the following leases: the Preeceville Recreation Centre, Dawson Ramsay, Preeceville Nursery School and Studio Dance One.

Council approved its budget and mill rate which will remain the same at 6.6 mils for the 2020 tax year.

A new bylaw was approved for base tax and property tax incentives and penalties.

A tax reduction was agreed to be given to both the Preeceville Senior's Club 60 and the Preeceville Ukrainian Catholic Hall for 2020.

It was acknowledged that the Parkland Regional Waste Management Authority's 2020 Recycling Levy was set at $18 per capita totalling $20,250 and the Regional Landfill Levy was set at $54 per capita totalling $60,750 less the Town's $100 weekly hauling rebate.

Council approved the Preeceville Lions request to erect a Lion's International Sign on the Town's property located on the south side of the Highway Avenue East.

Approval was also given to the Lion's Club to set up a gate entrance to the Lion's Family Trail.

Reports accepted included the Bylaw, Town Foreman, Chief Administration, Mayor, Preeceville Recreation, Community Development and Councillor Darin Newton's report concerning SUMA Town Sector virtual meeting.