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Meet Your Candidates: Cathay Wagantall for Yorkton-Melville

"I want to see rural Canada celebrated and valued for what we contribute to Canada –pride in our heritages, respect for our environment, volunteerism, contribution to Canada’s GDP, and remarkable ingenuity, creativity and determination to leave things better than we found them."
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Wagantall will be looking to be elected for the third time as the MP for the Yorkon-Melville riding staff reached out to the candidates in all of Saskatchewan's ridings with a universal questionnaire. We will be publishing these results in order they were received.

Name: Cathay Wagantall

Age: 65

Running for: Conservative Party of Canada

Profession: Small Business Owner

Currently residing in (city or neighbourhood): Esterhazy, SK

Who is your political hero?   

Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary

What inspired you to enter the election race?

I want to be part of seeing Canada restored to as place of unity as a nation. Where differences don’t mean division, rather, opportunities are given and taken to speak freely, listen intently, and respect one another with heartfelt kindness.

What topics are most important to you in this federal election?

Protection of individual charter rights and freedoms and restoration of our economy, prioritizing Canada’s seniors who struggle to make ends meet, our veterans and their families, and those with disabilities or struggling with mental illnsses.

Are you concerned about the short campaign timeline for this election?

I was prepared as we knew the Prime Minister wanted to call an election when he thought he could win a majority and that he would choose to have the shortest time frame possible.

What COVID-19 pandemic and federal supports to help businesses and residents are important to you?

I wanted to see rapid testing introduced right from the beginning so that individuals would not have to quarantine for 2 weeks and miss employment or learning but rather – take the test and only quarantine if the result was positive (and followed up with a second rapid test to confirm it wasn’t a false positive). This would have made a significant difference to retaining workers and customers by businesses who were given no choice but to shut down. I would have liked to have seen us implement the approach that Hungary used – which was to provide financial supports to employers so that they keep their work force on the payroll and engaged when deemed to have a negative Covid rapid test.

What Agricultural federal programs and initiatives do you feel are necessary to help support farmers and ranchers?  

Our Business Risk Management programs, particularly AgriInvest and AgriRecovery need major reform. We will bring agricultural stakeholders together for a summit-like meeting with the Minister of Agriculture to develop a way forward on insurance programs like AgriStability. Our livestock community faced serious pressures with the impact of covid on our meat processing plants and then with the impact of the drought on their grazing capability and hay crops. We pressed the Liberal government to: match the U.S. Government's transportation subsidy for livestock feed; expedite access to business risk management (BRM) programs and make up any provincial funding shortfalls; designate the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta – and certain areas of British Columbia and Western Ontario – as prescribed regions in which farmers and ranchers will be eligible for the livestock tax deferral in 2021 and until their herds are rebuilt; and support affected farmers' buying replacement feed by working with participating provinces through AgriRecovery. We see that the window of time left to support ranchers who are facing complete depletion of their herds is quickly closing as this election takes precedent for the Liberals over providing the support needed.

Is there an issue that people are focusing too much?  

No – whatever is top of mind for Canadians is what we should be responding to.

Is there an issue that doesn’t get enough attention?   

As I am knocking on doors and meeting with constituents, I am pleased to be able to say that they are very engaged and aware and concerned about multiple issues.

Why did you choose to run for your particular party?

I appreciate being in a caucus where we discuss and debate differences of perspectives, where we have the right to bring forward private members bills of our choosing, vote our conscience, encourage individual rights, freedoms and opportunity to succeed.

What is the biggest issue facing your party’s chance at success?

Being able to cut through the misleading rhetoric propelled by the large, mainstream media bought off by the Liberal government.

How will you engage and encourage young voters to participate in this election?

Reaching out through zoom during covid and in person with our students in their classrooms as they were attending grade twelve towards graduating and voting for the first time. Responding to emails and social media questions. I enjoy hosting and listening to concerns from university and trade school students, young entrepreneurs.., that come to Ottawa to lobby for their concerns as it’s a great opportunity to broaden perspectives and encourage engaging in the opportunity to

What is your party’s leader’s biggest flaw? N/A

Once elected, your job is to represent your entire riding. How do you plan on representing individuals who didn’t vote for you?  

As the Member of Parliament for Yorkton – Melville my responsibility is to provide the same level of service to all constituents; be there to respond to their needs and concerns; do my best to listen and communicate on any topic that shows respect regardless of difference of opinion.

What informs your political stance? What books, publications, relationships or experiences?  

I am very much an experiential learner so my faith, family, working with children, young adults, seniors and those with disabilities, having been able to travel, some hard knocks like losing a business, making it through a bankruptcy and succeeding on the other side of it - all help me be grounded, thankful and perseverant whatever the circumstances. To me servanthood is key.

What local project or service would you advocate for more federal spending?  

I want to see rural Canada celebrated and valued for what we contribute to Canada –pride in our heritages, respect for our environment, volunteerism, contribution to Canada’s GDP, and remarkable ingenuity, creativity and determination to leave things better than we found them. Rural infrastructure, broadband, accessibility to key services closer to home, and more protective services are a few areas where I advocate for greater support from the federal government.

What is something people don’t know about you? I don’t do rollercoasters.