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Nat'l Vol. Week in Yorkton: Celebrate contributions & create change

onday Yorkton Council heard why the nationally marked week is important. 
grandstand summer 2021
Volunteers do much in our city such as raising funds for the grandstand. (File Photo)

YORKTON - National Volunteer Week is upcoming April 16-23, and Monday Yorkton Council heard why the nationally marked week is important. 

“Volunteers are essential for healthy, vibrant communities and National Volunteer Week is a time to recognize and thank volunteers in and around Yorkton, Saskatchewan and Canada for their time and energy,” Lisa Washington, Manager of Community, Culture and Heritage with the city told the regular meeting of Yorkton Council Monday. 

This year “. . . we celebrate the contributions of Canada’s millions of volunteers: their actions, their understanding, and their genuine concern for the world around them.” 

The theme this year, “Volunteering Weaves us Together”, celebrates our individual and collective actions in creating strong, interconnected and vibrant community. 

“Volunteering builds the strength and vibrancy of our communities through the interconnected actions we take to support one another. These diverse forms of sharing our time, talent and energy strengthen the fabric of our community,” said Washington. 

“Through volunteering we experience our interconnectedness, making our lives more meaningful. Getting involved in various ways, we find friendship, develop trust, and link our relationships. Threading these connections, we come to belong as we contribute towards the same goals.” 

Washington expanded on the idea of volunteerism being akin to weaving. 

“Like each individual thread makes weaving stronger, every volunteer’s experience, perspective, and abilities add to our collective resilience. Woven together from coast to coast to coast, volunteering reinforces our ability to grow, thrive, and create change within Yorkton, the Parkland area, Saskatchewan, and nationally,” she offered. 

Washington also noted volunteering can take varied forms. 

“Knowing our volunteer contributions are valued and meaningful creates a greater sense of purpose and dedication. From helping build a home, cleaning up a park, or coaching a sports team to cooking for an ill friend, checking in on a neighbour, or helping a stranger, each action we take impacts our community’s overall wellness, now and for future generations,” she said. 

“During National Volunteer Week 2023, we celebrate our collective impact: through our kindness, generosity and commitment to volunteering, we weave our lives together. We ask our residents to stop and reflect on the contributions of our community’s volunteers and volunteer organizations and thank them for their time, energy and commitment to the betterment of Yorkton.”