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Outlook Town Council News & Notes - March 22

The Outlook town council met for a scheduled meeting on Wednesday night, March 22.

The Outlook town council met for a scheduled meeting on Wednesday night, March 22.  All councillors were present; Donna Smith, Maureen Weiterman, Kyle McLeod, Maureen Applin, Floyd Childerhose, and David Simonson, as was Mayor Ross Derdall, administrator Trent Michelman, assistant administrator Laurie Lemon, superintendent Luke Lockhart, and recreation director Jordy Jones.

A number of topics and issued were discussed, including the following highlights:

- Trent spoke with the arts council about the sale of the old town welcome signs (the rainbow designs) to Julie de Moissac, and the arts council is set to have a meeting in order to discuss it and get back to the town about the next step

- Plans are being discussed with the town bylaw officer concerning cat drop-off plans, with investigations ongoing.  Michelman stated from the town perspective that, "We're trying to come up with options as much as we can".

- In the Rec Report, further plans on beautifying the vacant corner lot beside the old medical clinic have been realized, as the Broderick Garden Centre has presented possible plans for greening up the area, including seeding and sod, as well as underground irrigation.  The plans looked good to council, and the hope is that it can be done in time for the Canada Day weekend.  The topic was tabled to the next meeting, where a decision is likely to be made on the project.

- Two future ideas that Jordy presented to council include installing "Welcome" signs at the sports grounds that detail what the entire complex has to offer, as well as the notion of introducing an Outlook Sports Hall of Fame.

- In the Superintendent Report, Lockhart said that he had asked Sgt. Langager of the RCMP to go around town and see where there may be STOP signs needed, with the point of Douglass Street and Pacific Avenue coming up as a potential need.

- The RCMP also positioned itself near the daycare building with radar guns, nabbing a number of speeding motorists.

- The town will soon be looking into possible parking on the east side of the orange walking bridge, with talks to be held with the Highways ministry this spring.

- The topic of garbage pickup in the regional park came up, as the park is always dumping on a daily basis because they have no storage.  The town is open to the idea of giving the park an extra truck for them to use over the summer in something of a trial period.

- On the new pool, Mayor Derdall said a project manager who would work on behalf of the town had been verbally agreed on, and Applin believed that the town should meet with the pool committee to discuss the project moving forward.

- The town is looking at applying for funding from the FCC Agri-Spirit Fund for the new pool, something that the Davidson project did.

- The new town website was said to be up and running this week, with new information being added.

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