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Outlook Town Council News & Notes - May 10

Outlook's town council met for a scheduled meeting on Wednesday night, May 10 inside the chambers of the town offices building.

Outlook's town council met for a scheduled meeting on Wednesday night, May 10 inside the chambers of the town offices building.  Present were councillors Donna Smith, Maureen Weiterman, Kyle McLeod, Maureen Applin, and David Simonson, as well as Mayor Ross Derdall, Administrator Trent Michelman, Assistant Administrator Laurie Lemon, and Superintendent Luke Lockhart.

Absent was councillor Floyd Childerhose, who was called away on business, and recreation director Jordy Jones.

A number of topics and issues were discussed, including the following highlights:

- In Michelman's administration report, he noted that a job description for Rick Pederson had been completed.  Pederson is set to be the town's project manager for the new swimming pool facility, working as a representative for the town on matters related to construction.

- In the Rec Report, it was said that new speed bumps that had been installed were helping to reduce speeding traffic.

- Beautification work has started on the empty lot located at the corner of McKenzie and Saskatchewan Avenue, with the goal to make it look green and more visibly-pleasing by the time the Canada Day long weekend approaches.

- New planters, the self-watering kind previously discussed at council and purchased for the town, are to be set up soon on Franklin Street.

- There was a loose discussion on regional park pass abuse brought forward by Councillor Simonson, specifically the issue of passes being borrowed and used by other families, but the consensus was that there's no real way of policing the matter.

- Administrator Michelman said that he'd spoken to representatives regarding the Census Review Policy, and it was said that Outlook's census numbers would be reviewed if there was evidence produced of any actual errors.  It was said that even with the proof, the numbers wouldn't be changed officially, but the government would be notified.

- On the topic of the upcoming veterans' memorial ceremony on June 24, council was invited and encouraged to attend.  The Legion was commended for their hard work in putting together this memorial project.

- A yearly lease on square footage is set to be drafted on the station grounds storage space on Railway Avenue being used by a number of local businesses.