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Preeceville School welcomes back students

First day back to classes for new and returning students at Preeceville School
Preeceville School administration staff, from left, are: (back row) Leslea Hanson, vice-principal and Doug King, principal and (sitting) Tammy Heskin, assistant administration.

PREECEVILLE - Staff at the Preeceville School welcomed back their students to a new school year on Sept. 5. Enrolment for the school was not available at time of printing.

Students did not notice much of a physical change to the school but welcomed three new teachers, Kyle Teron, as the phys-ed teacher, Madison Stoll is the new kindergarten teacher, and Paige Novakowski is the Grade 2/3 teacher at the Preeceville School.

Kyle Teron, originally from Sturgis, will be the new Phys-ed teacher for Grades 3-12, Health Grade 9 teacher, Arts 7,8 and 9 Grades and the Athletic Director. Teron grew-up in Sturgis and graduated from the Sturgis Composite School in 2017. He attained a Bachelor of Education from the U of R with a major in Phys-ed and minor in Math. He did his internship at the Preeceville School in 2021 and went on to teach Grade 8 at the Plain View School in Regina for four months followed by one year at the Huda School in Regina. He is hoping to help out with the junior boys volleyball team and oversee all sports teams at the school. His parents are Candy and Bill Teron of Sturgis.

Paige Novakowski is from Yorkton and will be the Grades 2/3 home room teacher. She attained her Bachelor of Education at U of R in middle years and graduated in spring of 2023 and will be filling a maturity leave slot for Kaylyn Barsby. She wants to be involved in track and cross- country at the school. This is her first teaching position.

Madison Stoll of Yorkton is the new kindergarten teacher and this is her first teaching position after graduating from the U of S in December 2022. She did her internship in Melville and went on to teach kindergarten in Norquay and Melville for a short time prior to coming to Preeceville. She will be teaching kindergarten and gym to elementary students. She would like to be involved in the cross-country program and in the Christmas and Halloween activities.Staff at the Preeceville School for the 2023-2024 school year are: Doug King remains as principal, Leslea Hanson, vice-principal and Tammy Heskin is the administrative staff.

Other teachers will be: teachers, Laurie Antonichuk, Dallas Burym, William Dodge Dodge,

Calla Erickson, Erin Erickson, Donna Hamilton, Allyson Hull, Tonilee Lario, Arlene

Prestie, Alicia Longman, Meghan Morton, Heidi Paterson, and Nathan Seghers, band director.

Sharon Bileski is the librarian technician. Education assistants are: Kim Murray, Denise

Olson, Reneye Scheller, Loretta Newton, Brittany Seerey and Levi Young. The caretakers for

the 2023-2023 season are Lori Hull and Patricia Wiwcharuk.

“The school’s focus and goal for the school year is to provide all school staff, students and parents with a safe learning work environment. We encourage students to learn to the best of their ability and as a team of educational professionals we are looking forward to a positive season and we welcome back everyone,” said Doug King..

“The school is actively fundraising for the outdoor playground and outdoor space and will continue to progress on it,” said Leslea Hanson. “It is going into three years since we started the project and are at the point where we need the communities’ and parents’ input on the design. Once we get that, we can proceed with securing more funding and hopefully will have some of it up by the end of the school year,” she said.

The Breakfast Club will start-up when students begin and is looking for volunteers to help man it. The school encourages interested individuals to contact the school.

The football season kicks off with a home game on Sept. 8 against Carrot River and  the volleyball season also kicks off with junior and senior teams all in action.