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Revolutionary spray liniment that is unique in Canada was developed in Canora by natural health prac

Canora is the home of a new, revolutionary liniment that provides long-lasting pain relief from 100 per cent natural ingredients.
Nick Martinuik of MySpray Therapeutics in Canora recently launched MyPain LiniMint, a new, revolutionary liniment that provides long-lasting pain relief from 100 per cent natural ingredients.

Canora is the home of a new, revolutionary liniment that provides long-lasting pain relief from 100 per cent natural ingredients.

MyPain LiniMint, the newest product developed by Nick Martinuik of MySpray Therapeutics in Canora, received its official launch at the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) West Expo in Vancouver on May 14 when it received much attention.

“There’s nothing else like it in Canada,” Martinuik said last week. “In Vancouver, the response to MyPain LiniMint was rapid and we received instant video testimonials.

“We sold out in two days,” he said.

A registered massage therapist in 1997, Martinuik began working in Canora with doctors Cornelius and Lizette Van Zyl. He later opened his clinic HMTC (Homeopathic Medical and Therapy Clinic) after completing his natural medicine studies about 16 years ago, having purchased the building on Railway Avenue in which Dr. P.J. Kuling had practised.

A past president of the Saskatchewan Association of Doctors of Natural Medicine, Martinuik said that after years of research and studying, he had noticed that many specialists with whom he had networked were interested in sprays to provide supplements. It has been widely understood that while certain pills would allow only 10 to 20 per cent of the ingredient to be absorbed by the body, an oral spray may be up to 90 per cent effective and would avoid the stomach or intestines.

Martinuik began providing Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B12 through his company MySpray Therapeutics which he said “provides a revolutionary way for you to easily obtain the nutrients you need by offering our supplements in an oral spray delivery system.

“Our convenient delivery system allows the highest available absorption through sublingual and buccal diffusion, which have remarkable advantages over all supplemental forms.”

Meanwhile, Martinuik discovered DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), an organic compound that is rich in sulfur, one of the most abundant elements in one’s body and is essential for life.

“In my clinic, I’ve been dealing with pain for 20 years and have discovered that most products available for pain works as a counter-irritant to distract from the pain rather than eliminating the pain.

“It’s like stepping on your toe as a way to distract pain elsewhere on your body,” he said. “Not so with DMSO.

“DMSO has analgesic properties and rapidly passes through the skin into the deep tissues,” he said. “Studies suggest it decreases pain by blocking peripheral nerve-C fibres and acts as an antioxidant neutralizing some of the free radicals of inflammation.”

DMSO has been known for almost as long as paper has been made from trees, he said, explaining that the product is generated in the process that converts wood cellulous into pulp. It easily penetrates the skin and goes into the muscle and joints, and working as an analgesic, it blocks nerve fibres and has been shown to reduce inflammation.

It was discovered and has been known in Russia for a long while and it received much attention in the 1980s after Mike Wallace did a show on its properties that aired on 60 Minutes, he said.

“I’m the first one to combine the ingredients to create this product,” he said, adding that over time more than 11,000 medical papers had been written on DSMO.

“Medical research supports our claims.”

Years of trials have yielded the formula for MyPain Linimint, he said, explaining that the product has 80 per cent DMSO and includes peppermint essential oil (Mentha X Piperita), which “is helpful in relieving joint and muscle pain, as well as providing a natural source of methol which offers a cooling sensation along with a mild mint aroma. The product also includes glycerine and magnesium chloride.

Having received approval from Health Canada, Martinuik went to work with a laboratory partner in Richmond, B.C. and established a warehouse in Delta, B.C.

Martinuik opened a jar of pure DMSO that had the odor of garlic or sulphur which is lacking in esthetic qualities and then contrasts that odor with the much-more appealing scent of MyPain Linimint.

“MyPain LiniMint is 100 per cent natural and delivers the deepest tissue penetration available,” he said. It provides unmatched long-lasting rapid relief from pain and inflammation of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

“For external use only, it is popular with athletes from sprains and strains. It is also beneficial for arthritis and general aches and pains.”

In addition to pain and inflammation, the product is good for joint pain, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, backache and lumbago, sports injuries and chronic and acute injuries, he said.

A 50 millilitre container of MyPain LiniMint, which is good for about 300 sprays, sells for about $30, he said. One uses it sparingly; only two or three sprays at a time.

MyPain LiniMint will soon be available at pharmacies, clinics and natural health stores across Canada, but currently one may purchase the product either at local pharmacies, the MySpray office in Canora or online at