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Scouts Gather for Community Cleanup

Longstanding tradition all about giving back

Part of being a devoted member of any Scouts organization is showing a commitment to one’s community, and that’s precisely what youngsters involved in the Outlook Scouts group did on Monday evening, April 10.

As part of their scheduled meeting, the gathered group of Scouts, Beavers and Cubs met outside the doors of Outlook Elementary School for the organization’s annual Community Cleanup, where the kids take garbage bags and pick up as much trash as they can; doing their part to help make Outlook look a little cleaner.

David Alm, Commissioner of the 1st Outlook Group

“We clean up here every year, and RBC comes out to help us out and we partner with them,” said David Alm, Commissioner of the local Scouts group.  “It’s just a part of community service, you know?  We’ve been doing this forever; it’s something we’ve always been doing for as long as I can remember.  It just helps beautify the community.”

Before the kids grabbed some bags and went to work, everyone gathered for a quick photo, including a giant cheque made out to the Scouts for $1000, courtesy of Michael Stushnoff and the Outlook branch of RBC Royal Bank.

And with that, everyone went to work, starting with the school grounds and working their way east over to the rink.  This longstanding community service offered by the Scouts is all about showing the kids that giving back and cleaning up the community where they live is something worth doing their entire lives.

“It’s about taking care of the world,” said one of the young Beavers.

“Taking care of the world – you can’t put it any better than that!  Straight from their own mouths!” echoed Alm.

Later this month, the Scouts will be holding their annual Kub Kar Rally at the Jim Kook Rec Plex for those interested in seeing what the kids create, set to be take place on Sunday afternoon, April 30 at 2:00.

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