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Species at risk in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan strives to maintain a healthy environment for the thousands of native wild species that live in the province.

Saskatchewan strives to maintain a healthy environment for the thousands of native wild species that live in the province. Despite many programs focused on maintaining and enhancing wildlife populations, some species have been threatened with extinction and require special attention to help ensure their survival.

Jordan Ignatiuk, an executive director with Nature Saskatchewan, will be presenting an overview and discussion of the many threatened and endangered species that occur in Saskatchewan. The Kelsey Ecological Society will be sponsoring the presentation at the Preeceville Club 60 on October 25.

Ignatiuk was born and raised in Preeceville. He obtained a bachelor of science degree from Regina and a master of science degree from Montreal. He has worked as the executive director for two years and for 15 years was with Naturalist Conservation of Canada.

The mission of the Saskatchewan species at risk program is to protect species from extirpation or extinction, and to prevent additional species and ecosystems from becoming threatened with extinction. The focus of this program is directed at the needs of provincially threatened and endangered species, and is integrated with Canada’s species at risk program.

Within the Ministry of Environment, the Fish and Wildlife Branch is legislated to address species at risk in Saskatchewan. This is done under the direction of The Wildlife Act, 1998 which includes provisions to designate and protect species at risk in Saskatchewan. There are currently 15 at-risk plants and animals identified in the Act.

Some of the endangered species include the Burrowing Owl, Piper Plover, Sage Grouse, Whooping Crane, Swift Fox, Sand Verbena, Western Spiderwort, Tiny Cryptanthe and the Hairy Prairie clover. Threatened species included the Slender Mouse-ear-cress.

Wildlife in Saskatchewan, including all species at risk, are protected from being disturbed, collected, harvested, captured, killed, sold or exported without a permit. In addition, the den, house, nest, dam, or usual place of habitation of wildlife and wild species at risk are also protected from disturbance and destruction. Habitat protection has additional benefits for the province’s fl ora and fauna, and helps to maintain a healthy environment for all of Saskatchewan’s wildlife.

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